MKT619 Final Project on Brand Loyalty Ufone and Telenor

Levels of brand loyalty  

Brand loyalty is a sort of commitment towards the brand that induces a re-buy behavior into the customer in spite of the potential marketing attempts by competitors to break up the coalition between the brand and the consumer (Oliver, 1999). Brand loyalty is considered to provide greater leverage to trade, condensed marketing costs (Aaker, 1991) and building an augmented market share (Jarvis and Mayo, 1986).

Benefits of Improving Brand Loyalty The more loyal the customer and the longer the customer is retained, the more sales and profits the customer might generate (Edvardsson et al., 2000). The benefits of improved brand loyalty might come from retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones.  These benefits would, in turn, result in increased sales and profitability for the company. First of all, loyal customers are supposed to stick with their suppliers or service providers for a long time and are more likely to cross-purchase (Oliver, 1996; Reichheld, 1996).

Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty   Many studies have been concentrated on the investigation of the satisfaction- loyalty relationship (Olsen, 2007; Balabanis et al., 2006; Suh and Yi, 2006; Auh and Johnson, 2005; Yang and Peterson, 2004; Szymanski and Henard, 2001).

Conceptual Review (Ufone)


It is an open crystal that Ufone is delivering the best quality of products and services for their customers in order to full fill their requirements’ and satisfaction. Ufone always perceives shoppers and their views, comments as well as interest in order to better facilitate the people in an effective way.


Ufone is providing very low-cost call rates for his or her shoppers as compared to alternative companies. Ufone forever cares the purchasers, by knowing their customer’s demand, perception regarding price, that why is why Ufone is providing quality of product and services to their customers in lowest decision rates.

Place / Physical Distribution

Ufone already had added 7.4 million subscribers in 2015-16 as compared to its addition of half-dozen.6 million in the previous year. Ufone have introduced a wide variety of Cell sites in 2011-2012 in order to satisfy the customers in effective ways. Hence, Ufone all sites have researched to 841. Ufone had opened its franchise now through the Pakistan to give the maximum quality of service to their customers.

Target marketing strategies

Ufone is targeting the youth age by providing them a good variety of quality of decision rates, moreover as SMS packages in pre-paid affiliation. so every type individuals from low, middle, very important person persons square measure enclosed in Ufone target strategy as a result of Ufone is providing rock bottom decision rates for those persons UN agency cannot afford and need to use Mobile service. Therefore, Ufone is targeting very different completely different individuals with the assistance of introducing different merchandise and services.

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