MKT619 Final project on Marketing plan

Brief Introduction

A Truly Light Weight remote control Wheelchair. This is a very unique product that has been long awaited in the Pakistani mobility market. Many power chairs claim that they are transportable, but no other on the market today disassembles as easy as the ZARIA, with the heaviest piece weighing only 34 Lbs. If you can set up a lawn chair, you can set up the ZARIA, no mobility lift needed! This chair disassembles into many easy to handle light weight pieces with no tools in less than 1 minuet! The ZARIA has many great features (will discuss later).

This chair also has a unique design that allows it to be pushed like a regular wheelchair when you choose not to use the Electronic kit you can use remote control. The remote control drive technology provides smooth, stable operation and the light weight removable battery pack will offer 12 miles of continuous travel. This is the most versatile, portable Remote Control Wheel Chair on the Pakistani market today.

A remote control wheel chair provides ease of operating for either special person or his / her attendant.

Our Innovation

Explanation of our innovation

The product is new in Pakistani market and it provides ease to both special person and his / her attendant through remote control technology that allows movement in four dimensions. This chair has tight turning radiuses, and make life a lot easier, inside and outside. That is just right to meet your needs.

Need Gap Analysis

Manual wheel is also present in the Pakistani market. But that is hectic to operate by special person at its own and also difficult for its attendant. Secondly Joystick wheel chair also available in our market. It is also difficult to operate for those person who they can not move their hands so their was need to produce a remote control chair for those person especially and for others as well. That is easy to operate for both special person and his/her attendant.

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