MKT619 Final Project of Effect of Media on Consumers Buying Behaviour

Final Project of Effect of Media on Consumers Buying Behaviour.

 What is Media

In advertising media is a channel of communication i.e. Newspaper. It is a vehicle of by which advertiser conveys the message to a large group of prospects thereby aid closing the gap between producer at one end and the consumer at the other end. It is a vechile for carrying the sales message of an advertiser to the prospects. At the best, they are service organisation fulfilling the need of listiner, readers and information. Each medium applys marketing concepts to the designing of the right products and sell it at the right price, distributing it though several outlets at time taking the help of right promotional means to increase its circulation or improve the popularity of its programms and as well as product or services.

Different media are organisation over enterprise. They sell the product in the form of programmes given at various media. Each medium design its product to be more attractive among its audience.


Type of Media in Pakistan

 Print Media :

 Advertising in the print media is the oldest and the largest in terms of advertising billing. Advertisers spend more money on newspapers and magazines than any other medium. The print media have their own charm and effectiveness. It provides detailed advertising information. They reach quality audience in terms of income, occupation and education. They are also known as publication media. The print media charge for advertising space, depending on the column required and the page number. The print media have been divided into newspaper and magazines.


The newspaper is a advertising medium. It has local coverage in the sense that it reaches almost all homes with in the given area of its circulation. Newspaper are generally published on a daily basis. Very few are published as weeklies. There are many national newspapers, some state level newspapers and some local newspaper. Newspapers are classified on the basis of their circulation in a geographical area, whereas magazines are selective and qualitative. They are edited and aim to appeal to the special interests of the people. The Hindustan Times, The Times of India and The Statesman are important national newspapers in India, while the pioneer, Nav Bharat Times, The Hindu are prominent regional newspaper. There are thousands of local newspapers in India. Advertising costs very in different newspapers, depending on their circulation and specialists.


Magazines :

The second form of print media is the magazines. It offers specialised information to a special audience. Newspaper appeal to people in a particular locality, but magazines reach special types of people in all localities. Magazines are subscribed by those people who have certain tastes. They may be interested in movies, households, sports, politics, industry. These magazines are specialised publications. Filmfare gives interesting stories on many films, actors and actresses. Cosmetic products dress and jewellery can be advertised in this magazines. Similarly Business Today, Business World etc. carry information pertaining to industry and business. Industrial goods, raw materials, machines etc. can be advertised through these magazines. Thus qualitative audiences are approached by the magazines and quantitative success is possible through newspapers.


Magazines were not very popular upto the seventies in India. But recently with the expansion of education and standard of living, some magazines have become regular habits of some families. A particular magazine is read for weeks, months and so on.

Electronic Media :


Radio :

Radio advertising refers to the transmission of products related message through radio. In this medium the messages are sent from transmitting stations and are picked up by the receiving sets owned by the public. In India, there is a special channel known as Vividh Bharti for commercial broadcasting.


Television :

Advertising refers to the transmission of product related message through television. TV was first introduced in India in 1959. TV Advertising started on 1st Jan. 1976. Now day it has become a powerful advertising medium. TV has been single biggest factor in opening up a huge rural marketing for consumer products and creating a higher level as aspiration among huge Indian middle class estimated at over 150 million people.

Outdoor Media :

 Outdoor media is the oldest form of advertising. It refers to the transmission of product related message through posters, hoardings, bill board. Today outdoor media are a refinement of the ancient method of delivering a message to a large group of people. It includes such as posters, bill boards, hoardings, non standard signs such as roadside signs, highway advertising. Earlier outdoor media was basically used for movie and consumer items like cigerattes and soaps. Today the concept has penetrated to the nook and corner Any ad. campaign is considered incomplete without outdoor support.


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