Marketing Research proposal of Advertising Strategy Ufone and Warid

Advertising is vital elements of marketing mix for increasing sales revenue by gaining more and more customers through effective advertising strategy. This tool was used first in the modern countries, but now it is becoming very famous in everywhere due to huge competition in the market. Any company who want competitive advantage in the market, it should adopt effective marketing strategy to compete. Various study has been conducted over this topic, how to company attract the customers through using different advertising channel.

How companies deliver its product message to their audience efficiently and effetely. It is true that, affect message or ad strategy hence the company outcomes. So in Pakistan lots of Telecommunications Companies are now surveying in the market and we have seen often their advertisement seems like a war. Hence for study purpose, how customers buy a connection, how they come, what is role of advertisement for gaining more and more customers, I have selected this topic advertising strategy.

This study is going to conduct over both companies named Ufone and Warid in pre-pared connection. The main reason behind this study is do analysis on both companies advertising strategy and this study also do some comparison for core result.

Back ground of the Project

The back ground of this study is comparison of advertising strategies between Ufone with that of Warid in pre-pared connection. The study will find out what are the various advertisement tools that both companies are adopting for gaining more customers and which is more effective. It is open crystals that both are market leaders and have effective advertising strategy; mostly customers come after seeing company ads. As we know that today is the age of competition, most of the companies are focusing and spend lot of revenue on advertising to attract the customers.

I have heard from the lot of people that Warid is attracting customers through effective market strategy; on the other hand, we cannot ignore Ufone also. This is very vital element from the market mix that are using to deliver a product message to people because lots of companies are surveying in the market.

For study purpose this study is going to conduct for getting knowledge how what people think when they see the company ads, what are their perception towards particular company ads. What are the people perception about Ufone and Warid Advertisement?. For core finding, analysis over both companies advertising strategy will be carried out for better understanding.

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