Project Report of HR practices on employee satisfaction in Askari Bank

HR Practices in Pakistan importantly in Banking Sector is growing day by day. HRM basically linked to policies and practices on major aspects of management position including HR planning, job design and analysis, recruitment and selection, orientation, compensation, performance appraisal, training and development. On the other hand if we look job satisfaction definition then we will see that job satisfaction as a positive exciting state resulting form the evaluation of a person job or we can say that it is concern to general attitude towards his or her job. So my project touch HR practice of Askari Bank  and its employee satisfaction.


1. To study the HR practices of the Askari Bank
2. To measure the satisfaction level of the employees
3. To determine whether there is a relationship between the two


1. Understand how HR practices are linked to employee satisfaction
2. Understand what will be the negative result if HR polices does not match to employee satisfaction.
3. Study help to company to improve such areas.


Data was processed and analyzed in excel sheet. I was use frequency tables and bar graphs for data analysis and interpretation having with Descriptive measures.

The study was conducted on the HR practice on employee satisfaction in Askari Bank.  This study adds to the growing literature on human resource management (HRM) by examining the relationship of the management practices of human resources with job satisfaction and turnover. This study shows clearly three variables of the practices of human resources management ie, supervision, job training and compensation practices are positively associated with job satisfaction.

The tendency for employees to meet their work when they have effective supervision, training as on going learning for them in workplace and good pay Moreover, the three variables of the practices of human resource management (monitoring, job training, and payment practices) provide a negative effect on turnover. Employees tend to rotate their work when they have poor supervision without proper or poor training.  On the other hand, job satisfaction plays an important factor in determining the rotation of employees. Thus, it obviously shows that job satisfaction is negatively associated with turnover.

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