Comparison of Stress Management between Mobilink with that of Warid

1.1 Introduction of the Project

We know that job stress is now everywhere. Job stress in company is now very common and it leads to company low efficiency and productions. Due to stress employee cannot pay full tension on their work. Most of the workers feel pressures regarding to job related stress. According to new research to much stress in job affects Employee performance at work place, so it leads poor Productivity, less satisfied and less healthy workers efficiency.


We can say, job stress is very harmful, emotional retort that happen when vital job requirement do not match the employee capabilities, company resources or needs of the worker. Hence this study is also been decided to measure the job stress management at both companies Mobilink and Warid. This study will also conduct a Comparison analysis between said companies. The reason for conducting this study to identify those factors, that causes the stress on employee job at workplace.



The project back ground is to analyze and measure the job stress inherent in workplace how it could be manage. As various researches shows that job stress directly affects the employee performance and overall well being.  So main ground reality of this project is find out the Potential Symptoms, stressor and to suggest remedies to minimize the job stress. So the main theme beyond the project is diver the attention of organizations and employees on these vital elements that job stress on workplace negatively affects an worker performance as well as company productivity.


This study will dug out the stressors, as well this study will also provide the completely explanation of stressors that happen at the workplace then considers that how stress management can assist the employees. This study will show you, stress in job in both companies at Mobilink and Warid after measurement and comparison .


1. To Measure the Job stress in Both companies
2. To understand the Stress-stressor relationship
3. To Find out the Stressors and its affects
4. To Provide some stress management techniques, that helps to eliminate the stress


Project Significance

1. Enable to understand how stress affect the employee performance and organization productivity
2. Enable to understand Stress and stressor
3. Study will help both companies to improve such areas.

Data Collection Tools:

Questionnaires will be the tools for collection data for study. Other secondary data will be collected from internet, company website etc.

Subjects/Participants and Sample size

For the sake of get data regarding to study about organizational job stress, the executive officer from Deputy to General Manager will be chosen, the questionnaires will be given to both employees for fill up. Almost 70 Employees will be taken for questionnaires to fill up. 35 From the Mobilink and 35 from the Warid with same designation .

 Fieldwork/Data Collection

Data will be collected through questionnaires from the both companies’ employees. Almost 20 questions will be given company employee, 18 questions will be objectives and 2 questions will be subjective. It will be ensure first that is question is concern to study objectives and also will be ensure that is employee response according to question, so irreverent data will be move to finish from employee response for quality purpose. Data collection work will be finished according to arranged time schedule.   

Data processing and Data analysis

When data will be get from the respondents, it will take into further process, For analysis purpose, for study we will use Excel sheet for frequency table and bar chat for Interpretation. Excel sheet will be used for Data analysis. 




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