AIOU COL MBA Project Synopsis on Effect of Training Practices

AIOU COL MBA Project Synopsis on Effect of Training Practices and Job Satisfaction

Training practices and job satisfaction has always a significant impact on any organization. It grooms the abilities of any employee. And that is fact the organization goes to its destination as success. Also there is need to satisfy the employee to take more efforts and outputs from him/her. Training starts as soon as new employees is hired for particular post by the organization. The recruitment and selection process ensures that the employees hired fulfills the selection criteria which means that the particular employee must have the qualification, knowledge, skills and capabilities set by the organization. Therefore the employee must be given training as he or she joins the organization. Training typically involves providing employees the knowledge and skill needed to do a particular task or job through attitude change may also be attempted. This study had also conducted over the same topic to examine the effect of training practice on employee’s satisfaction at Allied bank.

Questionnaires were distributed among employees to get the data for manipulation. Therefore in this research only primary data was used to achieve the research objectives.

Mean Analysis were used to calculate the average answers from employees. Table 3a is representing the mean values of factors that were used in questionnaires. Similarly for more precise result Mean of Mean of these factors was calculated which depict that employees are agreed with all terms and conditions going in training and job.

AIOU COL MBA Project Synopsis on Effect of Training Practices 

This study has taken Allied Bank to determine the effects of training practices on job satisfaction. The objectives of this research were to examine the HR practices in Allied bank and the second objectives of this research were to determine the job satisfaction in Allied bank. The third aim of this research was to find out the relationship between effects of training on job satisfaction. Therefore study had taken mean test analysis and correlation analysis to access the objectives of the study.

 For analyzing the results there was collected some data through questionnaires. Questionnaires were distributed among Allied Bank’s employees.

The mean values of Training Table # 1 are showing that mostly employees are agreed and satisfied with their training programs. Also they are found satisfied Table # 2 with their job. Table 3 is showing the mean of mean of both Variables which says that average of employees are agreed that training effects on their work at job. They feel themselves more ingenious and dynamic for their organization. And that is why they are satisfied with their job.

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