Project on A study of TQM practices in Manufacturing Concern

The current study conducted over the topic on TQM practices in manufacturing concern. The study has been completed with the help of primary data, which was collected from the employees of selected organization through structured questionnaires. A non-probability sampling (convenience method) was used to gather the data from the employees.

In order to see the respondent’s response to each question, this study has done mean test analysis in this regards and result of each TQM factors have been presented in tabulated form. According to finding, most of the respondents have selected agree and strongly agree option in each factor, it mean they have positive perceptions towards each factor. The result also indicating that currently selected company has strong TQM system.

TQM practices

A number of studies have been worked out that what is the relation of TQM with the manufacturing industries, Christos B.Fotopoulus and Psomas has great participation in 2009, they worked on the TQM impact in organization, Continues improvement and process management. From beginning to now TQM studies were divided into three faces, First contribution was the Deming, Juran, and the ishakwa also worked for the process management and TQM relation ,second phase was the formal quality models ‘’Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award’’And the third is the measurement studies on TQM.

TQM has been introduced in many organizations and currently most of the organizations are getting awareness for the TQM, Most of the organizations Like Ford Motor, Paul Selden, ThramaTru Corp, LLC, GE, Motorola, Toyota Motor and AIMCO Steel Corporation are tacking great advantages with TQM systems and these companies brought a big change from all aspects.

Significance of  TQM practices

This project work will bring positive outcomes for those organizations which are still working in old methods and environment and such organization are suffered from operations problems which are directly hitting the productivity, cost and the business ,As the study represent the good results and the manufacturing will apply the TQM then it can develop the organizations. Obviously the this study has great significance in shape after results and the benefits of TQM like it is a technique toward high quality, customer satisfaction business and organization performance, so the outcomes and the significances would be positively better for the manufacturing organizations.

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