MGT619 Final Project reward on employee motivation at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

The impact of reward, recognition on employee motivation at  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 2018


This study was performed to study the impact of reward, recognition on employee motivation at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. The study had some objectives that were achieved through the process of data collection. Questionnaires were used as the primary data collection tool. A survey was conducted for collecting data from sample respondents chosen by convenience sampling. The responses were measured by Likert Scale, with its option ranging from Agree, strongly agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.

The outcomes of this study show that there is an effective payments and rewards system at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Employees at the bank receive salaries according to the market rate. The employees receive sufficient benefits and they are not overworked. The rewards and recognition system currently prevailing the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is satisfactory. Employees are recognized for their hard work and efforts. Positive criticism by the leader helps employees to grow and prosper in the organization.


The objective of this analytical study is to find which source is important for employee Rewards as a source of Motivation. The study will find what exactly motivates employees and this a research problem and i am very enthusiastic to work on this plan. Human Resources are very important for organization and employee’s contribution is key of success and for this reason, human resources motivate employees.

If I say to you “Do this for me and in return, I will give you a reward, an incentive, a promotion, I’m I motivating to you? The overwhelming opinion I receive from management people is, “Yes this motivation” (Deci,1971). The approaches are initially dived into three broad sections, informal rewards, awards for specific activities and formal awards (Higgins, 1994).

This study will find the impact of rewards on the motivation of the employees and discover how rewards programs can help the organization to retain the motivational employee for their success. The study will review based on knowledge previous research and findings and compare with this proposal. Design methodology data will be collected by employees interviews and questionaries’ and study will test and verify hypothesis by analyzing, interpret by using sample count and percentage and will take the ethical statement. This research will be conducted in my organization for employees and study will identify problems and provide the better solution for the benefit of employees and suggest measures for rewards program tools to achieve the motivation of employees for organization success.  Reference will be provided (Bruce and Pepitone, 1999).

As manpower constitute the very core of company business and employee consideration is more important. Most of the companies are spending too much attention for the development of employee’s efficiency. Understanding the employee requirements, needs, are more important than other works. Thus apart from financial compensations, there are other tools for rewarding the employee with the different angles, such as reward, recognition.

Employee recognition is a judgment on a specialist’s commitment, as far as the work procedure and additionally devotion and inspiration. It likewise includes assessing and recognizing the aftereffects of this work. So, it takes a gander at the novel commitment of every specialist and stresses the estimation of his or her expert skill and experience. By making a culture of recognition, employee turns out to be more locked in. Drawn in workers are upbeat, steadfast, and profitable. Ordinary there is a chance to perceive somebody for their administration without spending a great deal of cash. Casual Reward is good to beat all that keeps workers roused, drew in, and returning for additional. Be that as it may, it is likewise basic to consider and comprehend the degree to which the previously mentioned factors affect the workforce considering all the positive and negative effects appreciations have on individual and organizational growth.

Rewards used as the motivational tool in the organization to influence employee performance in a desirable way and successful organization need the reward system for employee motivation and reward produced desired results (Gomez-Mejia and Balkin, 1992). There are two types of rewards direct reward as pay, bonuses, gain sharing and indirect rewards as benefits organization provide to their employees as Vacation, insurance plan, pension and education assistance. Motivation directs a person behavior person desire to do the best possible job and person exert maximum effort to perform the assigned task. Motivation is important in getting and retaining people and this tool acts as the glue that links individuals to organization goal, in addition, make the individual go beyond the job and be creative. (HRM 501 Page 128). Employees who are intrinsically motivator to do their job well. The intrinsic motivation that arises from within. The employee is enthusiastic and eager to succeed and bring their own motivation to work at hand (Beer et al., 1984).

Working Content

According to the mean analysis value provided in table 1.1, the value 4.069747899 shows that majority of respondents chose to agree for work content.  The value provides an indication that many employees find their jobs interesting because there is significant variation in their jobs. Feedback shows that training is available to employees regularly, most of them receive training daily. Employees believe that their working content is responsible. Majority of the workforce is aware of their mistakes. When they commit a mistake they take corrective measures to handle the mistake. The corrective measures help them from eliminating the error for future. Employees have a choice is selecting the department of their choice. They are allowed to work according to their own methods and approaches. The company does not terminate employees without any reason. Employees stated during the survey that there is no idleness at Abu Dhabi Commercial bank.

Working Condition

According to the mean analysis value 4.078571429, the majority of respondents chose to agree on option for the motivation factor working condition at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. According to the respondent’s feedback, Abu Dhabi commercial bank offers outstanding working condition for employees. The working hours of the bank are suitable for employees, no employee is overworked. The excellent working conditions is a major tool for employee motivation.


Based on the mean analysis value for motivation in table 1.1 the value 4.138095238 shows that majority of employees chose to agree with the personal factor of motivation. Mean value shows that the work assigned to employees is according to their skills and qualification. Employees have the freedom to select their favorite department.

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