Final Project Ratio Analysis(Askari,UBL,Bank Alfalah) Approved 2013

FIN619 Final project on ratio analysis of Askari bank,United bank and Bank Alfalah for the year 2010,2011,2012.

Ratio Analysis at banking sector for the year 2013

 The study has been conducted over the topic Ratio analysis of Sonari bank, Askari bank and Bank Alfalah. The basic aim of this research was to investigate which bank has good financial position over other with the help of Ratio analysis.  The other aim of this study was to analyze the selected bank efficiency in managing their resource for generating profit and how effectively selected banks are maximizing their profit by controlling their interest expenses.

Therefore in order to access the mentioned objectives, this study has done ratio analysis in this regards. The study has collected the data from mentioned bank website by using internet. Data was measured and all the calculations have been done on excel sheet and result has been displayed in tabulation form.

The result of this study is useful for investors because investors could know about the earning capabilities of selected banks. The study is also helpful for selected bank management to control their expenses and increase their profits by improving the weak areas. During analysis, this study has noted following true findings regarding to three banks.

  1. The net profit margin ratio of Bank Alfalah is higher than other two banks.
  2. Operating cash flow ratio of Askari bank is higher than other two banks.
  3. The gross spread ratio of Bank Alfalah is higher than other two banks.
  4. The non interest income of Soneri bank is higher than other two banks.
  5. The spread ratio of Bank Alfalah is higher than other two banks.

Ratio Analysis outcomes.

Conducting ratio analysis is important because it has the ability to represent data in comparative form. It helps in comparing financial condition of the organization from time to time. This study will perform ratio analysis of three banks in private banking sector. Ratio analysis helps determine the efficiency of management and proper use of its assets.

Financial ratios also determine the aspects of various firms competing with each other in the same market over a specified period of time. This study will help to see which bank is financially strong. Ratio analysis is useful in determining short term liquidity position and operating profit we can also see net working capital, return on investment and debt equity ratio of any company with the help of ratio analysis. This study will use ratio analysis to examine three banks from 2010-2012 from the private banking sector of Pakistan.

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