MGT619 Final Project Management Questions Session 2016

AOA Sir,When we are able to submit our proposal?

Dear student Assignment for submission of MGT619 research proposal will open on LMS on the date given in the semester calender which is updated in the course over view and announcements.

Respected Sir How to contact the instructor ? I want to make my project in change management.And I need some confirmation about the design of the project but whom to contact and how.

You can work on this mentioned topic but for further clarification you can contact to your instructor through email on your course Id which 

Phone call on this number

111 880 880-8847 (EXT).

What are the minimum numbers of questionnaire required to be get filled from staff of one company?  Moreover, mostly company staff doesn’t like to disclose his/her identity in order to avoid any action against him/her by the company so in this case can we accept such filled questionnaire.

Dear Student As a researcher this is your duty to ensure the anonymity of the respondents. You are not required to ask their names or any personal information . As far as the number of questionnaire are concerned consult your accepted proposal for the sample size.

Respected Sir, My Project is in process, my MGT619 Research  proposal is accepted now please suggest me how i can complete the project with in current semester,please mention the details in steps for better understandings.

Dear Student You need to complete your MGT619 MBA project with in the due time for the semester. if you have not been able to submit the project in current assignment  you are required to submit it in the assignment will be opened for the revised project or proposal.

Respected sir,do we have to provide filled questionnaire in hard form. as most of our forms are filled online..

You need to keep these forms as reserve but do not attach them with the project, only require the standard questionnaire that you have given to the respondents.

Dear Sir My proposal for project is currently not approved. could you please guide what i am supposed to do now. i am not able to understand the course of action. Please suggest what should be done.

All the chances for the proposal are passed you are required to enroll the course in current semester which is spring 2014.

Sir, I am a Government Servant. As you know financial year will be closed in this month, so i am quite busy in completion of financial transactions. I would be highly obliged.

Dear Student I couldn’t get your point.

Thank you very much for your guidance and for providing me the questionnaire related to top management role in TQM implementation, it really helps me a lot, can you provide me the same thesis report for further guidance.

Providing the questionnaire for the study is different thing as we provide the tested questionnaire but as far as the thesis is concerned we cannot provide you the work of any other person or source.

AOA Sir,I sent an excel sheet through email, when can i have an update on this as i have to change the project file accordingly.

Your query has been replied through email in this regard.

Dear Instructor, I have sent you data analysis excel sheet by email. Kindly may i request you to check and let me know if any modification is required. I have provided both the previous and corrected one.

Dear Student The feedback on your file will be sent to you through email soon.

Its a very kind and humble request to provide one chance to all those students whose proposals were accepted and were allowed to start work on it. I hope you understand current energy crises in our country and students are also aware of it. Its not university’s or Instructor’s fault, but merely a kind request to please provide and announce some precious time for final submission of Dissertations & Projects.

The assignment for the revised project will be opened on LMS soon and all those students who have accepted proposal can submit the project in that assignment. Send your email at for date extension. But on this situation you need to be proactive too and if one submission is missed, you must avail the rest chances.

Dear Sir As i sent you an email regarding the rejection of my proposal work with PDCN by the AKU-IED research department, so please advice me, should i go to use the same proposal along with questionnaires for another organization because the time goes by and our final term exam is also on head. Please suggest me that i could come out from the prevailing tension and disappointment.

Yes off course, If this organization is not willing then you can request some other organization.

Dear Sir My question is that should i submit both the final project after modification along with presentation slides or wait for presentation slides for another opening on LMS. Thanks in advance Regards .

It is a sincere advice that kindly read out the announcements very clearly. The assignment of the presentation slides are only for those students whose project has been accepted and since your project is not yet accepted you need to ignore this email and submit the project in Assignment .

Honourable Sir, With due Respect, I want to acknowledge myself about Project Proposal.I have been submitted my Project Proposal during first Assignment of MGT619.Then i got response of”Already Accepted at fall 2011″. Now i confused that should i carry on my work toward final project or should i submit a new or fresh project proposal. Note:- i was enrolled for semester fall 2013 and due to illness i couldn’t work about my final project ,as a result my final project was treated as a fail. and advised to be enrolled at semester spring 2012.which i do. Waiting for your kind response. Thanks in advance.

Already accepted means that your proposal has been accepted in the previous semester and you can continue to work with this proposal in this semester. Start collecting the data if you have got your questionnaire approved by the instructor, and if your questionnaire is not yet finalized coordinate with the instructor through email.

Dear Sir, I submitted my JCL in last semester but I did not follow because i freezed my semester and also there was no response from VU regarding that and now again I sent my JCL and bachelor of engineering degree via email being overseas student on 16th April but till now there is no response. The same was sent by my organization’s representative. When can I expect the response?

Since you are an overseas student so you are not required to send the JCL through post.



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