HR Project Report on Executive Development at Grasim Industries

Introduction Towards Topic

One of the most complicated and difficult task of human resource management is to develop manager or executives. From the last decade a large emphasis has been given on the executive development. Due to the sudden drastic changes, which took place during this period in the area of management development, this phase was come to be known as ‘Management Revolution.

The competitive organizations select the talented personnel and time to time take special measures to develop these personnel’s so that the adequate inventory of management skill should be available for future. The executive development looks for the development of present and future executives in the organizations. The terms training and development are often confused. Although training helps employees to do their current jobs, the benefits of the training may extend throughout a person’s career and help develop that person for future responsibilities. Development in contrast, helps the individual to handle future responsibilities with the little concern on current job duties.

The term Development can be defined as the nature and direction of change taking place among personnel through educational and training processes. Training Provides knowledge and skills required to perform the job. It can be viewed as job oriented learning leading to an observable change in the behaviour of the trainee in the form of increased ability to perform the job. On the other hand although development is still job related, it is much broader in scope. It enhances general know ledge related to a job as well as the ability to adapt to change. Development programmes were started for middle managers as well as the top management.

Thus, training appeared to be an improper destination for learning a variety of complex, difficult and intangible functions of management personnel. Development of an individual is due lo his/her day -to day experience on the job. Therefore, one must emphasize that development is high individual and is self-development too. It must be generated a within the man himself. No amount of coercion can produce development in a hostile and apathetic manager.

Execute Development Meaning :

Executive development is considered as a systematic process of learning and growth through which executives gain and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitude to their jobs in the organizations efficiently and effectively. Executive development relates experience with learning. The main purpose of executive development is that managers should learn from their experiences. With the help of executive development the executives learn to improve their behaviour and performance. This process of learning is targeted towards the implication that there will be changed behaviour on the part of individual who are provided with adequate training and education.

Executive Development Definitions :

  • In the words of Edwin. B. Flippo, “‘Executive development includes the processes by which the managers and executives acquire not only skills and competency in their present jobs but also capabilities for future managerial tasks of increasing difficulty and scope.”
  • According to Michael J. Jucious, “Executive development is the programme by which executive capacities to achieve desired objectives are increased.”
  • According lo S.B Bhudiraja, former Managing Director of Indian Oil Corporation has viewed that, “Any designed to improve the performance of existing managers and to provide for planned growth of managers to meet future organizational requirements is called management development.”

Features of Executive Development and Methods

Continuous Process : Executive development is a continuous process because there is no fixed time limit for learning. It is not a one shot activity and continues throughout the career of the mangers.

2. Long Process : Executive development is a long process and takes time. It is time consuming because skills of the managers Cannot be developed overnight.

3. Planned Activity : Executive development is a well planned, organized and systematic activity. It is not a trial and error approach.

4. Involves Stresses and Strains : Development does Hotcakes place in the total peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It involves stresses and strains.

5. Conducive Environment : Executive development needs conducive environment which should be encouraging and stimulating. Further, it a so require that adequate feedback should be received about the degree of development of the personnel.

6. Guided Self Development : Executive development can only be made possible only when the manager himself wants to learn. The individual must have the desire to learn and practice chat he is taught. Coercion can never lead to the development of executives or the managers.

Need and Importance of Executive Development

In modern organizations there is a great need of executive or management development programmes. The quality of managers greatly affects the achievement of goals of the organization as Tic difference in the price policy, inventory policy, marketing and production policy is explained through the quality of management. Executive development thus helps in maintaining the efficient manpower through which organizational objectives can be achieved. The need for executive development is felt due to the following reasons

Increase in Complexities and Size of the Organization:

In the phase of increasing competition the size and complexities of the organizations is continuously increasing. Due to this reason the mangers need to be developed to handle the complicated problems of these organizations.

Shortage of Trained Personnel :

It is very difficult to recruit and select the personnel according to the requirements. The need mostly arises to develop the personnel so that they could perform their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently, which is done through executive development.

Technological Changes

The technological changes are rapidly talking place in this competitive business environment. The modern business organizations are continuously introducing the net equipments, machines, and methods of production. So the mangers require the latest knowledge of these new techniques and technology which is provided through executive development.

Social Cultural Changes

Changes in Labour Management Relation :

Executive development is needed due to the reason that there are frequent changes in the labour management relations and with the help of executive development the managers can ensure industrial peace in the organization.

Social Responsibility of Management

Due to the changing business philosophy, the social responsibility is widely recognized by the business leaders. So the increased management tasks arising out of the fulfilling social responsibility have made the executive develop nt necessary in the corporate world.

Objectives of the Project

  • To find out the Executive Development at Grasim Industries.
  • To know about what help given to the employees from department to evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs.
  • To know about the help provided to the employees from HRD department to evaluate shortcoming in the training programs.
  • To know about HRD department understands the need of the employee.
  • To know about how executive development is to provide the new and better opportunities to the executives so that they can fulfill their career aspirations.

Project Description :
Title : Project Report on Executive Development Grasim Industries, Inventory of Executive Manpower, Establishment of Training and Development Programme MBA HR Project Report, Executive Development Importance and Scope.

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