MGT619 Final Project-Management Presentation Guidelines

A. MGT619 final project Guidelines for making Power Point Slides Slide layout:

  • PUT the title at the top of the slide.
  • KEEP important information near the top of the slide.
  • USE contrasting colors for text and background.
  •  LIGHT text on a dark background is best. Avoid white background.
  • KEEP the color scheme of PPTs consistent throughout your presentation.
  • ADD one concept per slide.
  • SINGLE slide should display few key points on it; don’t fill up your MGT619 final project Presentation slides with text in the form of long sentences.
  • USE bullets to highlight main points and explain these points verbally during your presentation.
  • AVOID using frequent animations and transitions in the presentation. Try to apply the same transition, if any, throughout the presentation.
  • USE clearly visible and understandable diagrams, tables, charts and graphs to enhance the meaning of the text to be presented. It will help in retaining the interest of the panel in the presentation.

Guidelines for making Power Point Slides Slide Font

CHOOSE a font that is simple and easy to read such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana.

  • USE, at most, two different fonts – perhaps one for headings and another for content.
  • KEEP all fonts large enough. Font size for main heading should be 40 pt, sub headings 32 pt & text 24 pt.
  • AVOID using all capital letters – even for headings. All Caps make the words difficult to read.
  • USE colors on your slides.  Make sure that the color has a purpose; for example, to highlight a part of a figure or to group related things.

B. Guidelines for delivering presentation

  • READ your Project/Dissertation thoroughly  at least 3 to 4 times or until you understand all the details given in it before delivering the presentation.
  • DECIDE what is important in your MGT619 Project/Dissertation. The MGT619 Project/Dissertation will have many details, but only a few important ideas. Your presentation should be well planned and focused on the important ideas.
  • START PREPARING EARLY; don’t wait until the last few days to prepare.
  • PRACTICE your entire presentation, including your slides before a suitable margin of time until you are comfortable. Also time yourself. Rehearse — Rehearse and Rehearse.  This is the only key to a successful presentation.
  • TRY to practice before a group of people.
  • THINK  AND ANTICIPATE the level of competency the likely panel is expecting from you.
  • GIVE an effective and precise introduction of your self and your work. Try to adjust in the presentation environment and feel comfortable.
  • WEAK introduction should be avoided such as apologies, jokes, symbolic questions etc.
  • EXPLAIN to the panel the significance of your topic/issue.
  • ORGANIZE your presentation clearly and simply. Think logically what should be the ideal and logical sequence of presenting the various concepts/topics covered in the presentation and allocate time accordingly.
  • KEEP synchronization between the slides and the talk. As you present a new idea, you should put up a new slide.
  • USE body language effectively. Avoid relaxed gestures. Don’t play with a pen or pointer.
  • MAINTAIN eye contact with the panel.
  • MAKE an effective conclusion. Summarize and provide closure.
  • SHARE your insight and understanding and tell the panel what you have concluded from your work.


C. Guideline for Viva Voce

  • ANTICIPATE QUESTIONS: Think of at least ten most likely questions that can be asked from you during viva voce and plan your answers accordingly.
  • UNDERSTAND the question asked to you during the viva voce and then provide the answer.
  • DO NOT get confused but remain confident while answering.
  • DO NOT deviate from the scope of your presentation.


  • Dress formally; never put on informal clothes or shoes.
  • Reach the designated place earlier than the given time.
  • Be confident during the presentation.
  • Keep the number of slides as many as to be managed within the allocated time.
  • Do not simply read out the slides during presentation rather use the points given in the slides for reference and explain them in your own words.
  • Use simple words to express your view points.
  • Accept criticism and be open.
  • Avoid long discussions and unnecessary arguments.
  • Be honest. If you are unable to answer the question, request the panel to excuse you.



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