The Role of Gender Based Emotional Intelligence in Managing Stress

Publisher : Virtual University of Pakistan

Date Issued: 8/21/2017 12:00:00 AM


The core rationale of the research is to investigate the impact of gender-based emotional intelligence on job stress in doctors of teaching hospitals in Pakistan (focusing mainly Punjab), a developing country perspective. The study has four main objectives first; to determine the level of emotional intelligence of doctors. Second is to determine the level of job stress among doctors. Thirdly, the study aims to investigate the role of emotional intelligence in managing job stress and finally it intends to analyze the role of gender in the context of emotional intelligence and its impact on job stress. About 257 responses from medical doctors of teaching hospitals were gathered with the help of structured questionnaire by using simple random sampling method. Results revealed that emotional intelligence has the significant impact on job-related stress. The study also reveals that level of emotional intelligence is high in male doctors and conversely female doctors have the high level of job-related stress. The study measures the levels of emotional intelligence and job stress in doctors of teaching hospitals as well as the gender-based difference on emotional intelligence and job related stress. This research helps to identify, the significant purpose of emotional intelligence that can reduce job related stress in doctors.


Citation: Aslam, U. (2017). The Role of Gender Based Emotional Intelligence in Managing Stress. Virtual University of Pakistan, (Lahore, Pakistan).

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