Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation at PHA

MGT619 Final Project Management on Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation at PHA (Pakistan housing Authority)

Research by Mian Aamir
Boundary of research:  Islamabad
Subject code :- MGT619 Final Project-Management 
Year 2013

Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation

Reward system is an important tool that management can use to channel employee motivation in desired ways. The present study is going to investigate current reward, recognition and employee motivation of PHA (Pakistan housing authority). The secondary aim of this research is to know the employee perception regarding to reward and recognition system of PHA. Employee feedback will be recorded with the help of questionnaires. Reward and recognition play vital role to increase the motivation level with in any company. Therefore the aim of this research was to find out the impact of reward and recognition programme of employees motivaiton and satisfaction at Pakistan Housing Authority.

In other words, reward systems seek to attract people to joint the organization to keep them coming to work, and motivate them to perform to high levels. The reward system consists of all organization components – including people processes rules and decision making activities involved in the allocate of compensation and benefits to employees in exchange for their contribution to the organization.

The primary focus of reward and recognition program is how organizations define their reward schemes and communicate this in a manner that employees clearly understand the link between reward and performance (Flynn, 1998). Effective recognition enhances employee motivation and increases employee productivity all of which contribute to improved organizational performance (Deeprose, 1994).  impact of reward and recognition programme of employees motivaiton and satisfaction.

Baron (1983) argues that there is a close relationship between motivation and job performance. The challenge of informal rewards is to find the right match between the individual and the recognition given, as the psychic income of being openly acknowledged and appreciated equals or exceeds the material, monetary income.

After completion of this study the readers will be able to comprehend impact of reward, recognition on employee performance. The results of this study will help the higher management to improve its weak areas. The readers will also be able to understand how strong and effective reward, recognition system can help to motivate the employees. This study will also be significant for other researchers who wish to conduct a future research on similar subject. By the findings of this research management can bring about an improvement in different areas where necessary.

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