Comparison of Training Practices Between Pepsi Cola that of Coca cola

HRM619 Final Project on Comparison of Training Practices Between  Pepsi Cola that of Coca cola

Research by Mian Aamir
Area of Research Islamabad
Year 2013

This project work was conducted on effectiveness of training techniques is the zenith of a lifelong process of learning and growing that would have been difficult without the guidance, assistance and caring of number of individuals. My high school teacher, Mr. Lakhi Khan believed in my skills and abilities and set high standards of excellence for my performance. My teachers, Dr. Aman ul Allah Khan and Mr. Qadeer Ahmed of Bahauddin Zakariya

University challenged me to reach beyond what I thought I was ever capable of accomplishing. Virtual University professor, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, enlightened me with a variety of concepts of training and development during my MBA studies. I am indebted to all my mentors and tutors for their valuable contributions in my knowledge, career and life.

I want to pay special thanks to the management of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola for their kind support for conducting the research survey. Despite of very hectic activities at their respective companies, they all provided me opportunity to contact their subordinate officers and get survey questionnaires filled by them.


The aim of this study was to conduct a research of comparison of training, for this purpose Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola were selected. Training is degree in which trainers effectively apply knowledge, skills and attitude gained in a training to do the job has been of paramount concern for training researchers and practitioners. Therefore this study has proved that training is positively linked with the employee’s job satisfaction and employee motivation and the current training practice of Pepsi Cola is more effective then Coca cola.

The study was successful in achieving its objectives through employee feedback.  Data were collected from the employees from middle level through self-administrative questionnaires by using non probability sampling technique (convenience sampling). In order to find out the current training practices at both companies this study has performed mean technique to access the mentioned objects.

Training Practices

According to the outcomes of our result majority of the respondents are agree with the frequency of training dimensions and they are satisfied with current training practices of Pepsi Cola. Most of the respondents also selected agree option against availability of training, training needs assessments and they are satisfied with the training practices of Pepsi Cola than Coca cola.

A large number of employees are also happy and satisfied that both organizations strongly support employees training and they believe that training increases job satisfaction and enhances employee efficiency.


Training Practices Between  Pepsi Cola that of Coca cola 

The current study attempts to investigate training practices of Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. The basic aim of this research is to find out the employees perception regarding the current training practices of mentioned companies. Feedback will be recorded with the help of questionnaires. Training practices adopted by public sector organizations have impact on human resource management function in many organizations from last decade. These training practices lead the organization to develop their employee Training and Development also integrate entire practices to involve more strategically in human resource management.

Research shows that training play a significant role in the execution and planning of human resource management. Implication for this public policy for the development of employee is more important. Training has significant importance in human resource management in many corporations (Andrew & Erica, 2007). Most of the training and development programmes enhance the professionalism among employee and meet their expectation. Organizations convene the training and development programme for the development of their staff.


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