Relationship Between Reward Recognition and Motivation at Coca cola

MGT619 Relationship Between Reward Recognition and Motivation at Coca cola

Executive Summary

It is obvious that Rewards and recognition always impact on the motivation of an employee. If there will a great reward for employee then defiantly he/she will do extra effort for organization. In this sense this study has done that to explore the facts that motivate an employee more.

For this purpose Coca Cola Company has taken to determine the true findings that how rewards and recognition lasting to motivate an employee. To judge that what has this company reward and recognition system to motivate employees some 39 questionnaires were distributed among the employees and gathered 60 response in the form of result The project MGT619 Final Project-Management has been selected on the above topic for research.

Descriptive measures like mean, standard deviations and correlation were used. And results were represented in tables and graphs. Correlation values showed that there is strong high relationship in Coca Cola Company between Rewards and Motivation similarly between recognition and motivation.

It depicted that employees are really going through motivating process by greatly influencing factors that Payment, Benefits, Promotion, Recognition, Working Content, Working Condition, Personal and My Leader. From these all it has easy to critic to understand the most persuading factor and least one too. The study explores the factors to determining the endeavored of Coca Cola Company to flourish the high performance.

Hence to access the given study objectives, this study has gather data from the employees of Coca Cola from lower to middle level through questionnaires and using convenience method. To analyzed the result of the data, study has done all the mentioned descriptive measures like mean test and Correlation technique to get the result.  Values of Mean test and Correlation have displayed in tabulation and graphically form for better understands the result.

Introduction to MGT619 Final Project 

Reward system is very important tool that all beverage company can use to strait employees motivation in different ways. In other words, beverage company give rewards to employees and rewards system seek to attract employees to joint the company to keep than coming to work and also motivate them to perform to high level..A reward system is scheme a perform of HR management which provides increases of those individual or group who perform well in any organization.

On the second variable motivation” was originally derived from the Latin word “mover” which means “to move”. However, over time various researchers have attempted to have a more comprehensive definition of the word and motivation has been defined in different ways, most of them agree that it is a goal- directed Behavior .Motivation is key factor of employee. Motivation is psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction. Hence MGT619 final Project management has been selected on reward to know present system of selected organization.

Third variable Recognition (acknowledgement and approval) precedes and can lead to desired employee outcomes such as a promotion, a raise or an assignment to a prestigious, desired project. In other words, recognition may have considerable outcome utility and incentive value for future employee behavior. Also, it should be noted that recognition given by those who have the power and resources to make desired outcomes a reality for the recipient, will have stronger effects than those recognition givers who do not have such power or resources.

Purpose of this Project

The main purpose of this research is to find out the present reward, recognition, and motivation system in Coca Cola Company. The primary aim is to find out the relationship among reward, recognition and motivation in Coca cola. The study will investigate how effective reward system may play role to motivate the employees towards their work.

The aim of this study is to explore and analyze how well the current reward system of Coca cola helps generate employee motivation. More specifically it objectives to find out which aspects of the reward system functions well, and which aspects could be further developed and improved in order to increase employee satisfaction.

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