Project on Determinants of Absenteeism in Workplace

Project on Determinants of Absenteeism in Workplace 

         (A Study of Telecom Sector of Pakistan)


It is a well known fact that the organizations survive and compete due to their top most employees. Absenteeism is a known fact since long rather it has taken multiple dimensions recently and now it is no more an absence from the place of duty but it occurs due to psychological, medical, or social problems. Therefore, top priority of many organizations is to keep the employees committed (Hausknecht, Rodda & Howard 2009; Reiche, 2008). By committing the top performers to the organization and to the job especially in times of crises is the biggest challenge for the employer and the organization (Hunziger & Biele, 2002). In the competitive world of business, organizations can not make any headway if they fail in properly motivating their employees towards competition (Rappaport, Bancroft & Okum, 2003).

Another glaring aspect of absenteeism is financial cost associated with it. The financial costs of absenteeism occur due to employee replacement costs especially of the top performers and reduction in productivity. In addition to these financial costs, it is difficult to find replacement of highly skilled workers who prove an asset for the organization. Absenteeism in most of the European and Asian countries is costing employers worth billions of dollars (Lu, 1999).

Keeping and nurturing highly skilled workers is top priority for many organizations. Absenteeism occurring in contemporary organizations not only affects the morale of the employees but also had deleterious effects on overall culture of the set up. In this context, it was felt to study those organizational factors like job involvement, motivation, organizational justice, employer attitude and organizational citizenship behavior which received little or no attention in previous studies (Riketta & Van Dick, 2005).

All these organizational factors that management can control if left unattended may have significant affect on the productivity and escalated costs of the organization due to employee absenteeism. This study focuses on exploring those key determinants which affect workplace absenteeism.


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