MGTI619 Internship Report on Al-Fassail Center in Kuwait


First of all I thank ALLAH who gave me inspiration to accomplish this work.

 I wish to express my sincere appreciation and profound gratitude to my respectable course instructors and ingenious teachers for providing me opportunity for gaining practical experience and knowledge about Management and other departments.


First of all I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me knowledge and power to make me able to complete my internship successfully.

In my internship many people have contributed in the successful completion of this internship report. My all appreciation goes to the whole team of Company.

Writing an internship report appeared to be a great experience to me. It added a lot to my knowledge during the working on this report. I would like to say that this report is one of my memorable experiences in my student life, and it would not be wrong

Executive Summary

Virtual university has given me task to do internship in an organization to full fill MBA degree requirement. Therefore I selected Al-FassailCenter in Kuwait. The major aim was to get professional knowledge by working different department. So I have done my internship in order to access these objectives.

I divided my report into different sections; each section is presenting new information, where readers could understand relevant areas of study. The major parts of this report are company history, its products lines, and nature of the organization, my training program, and my tasks which I performed during the whole period. The other portion consists on company management roles, functions. Here I wrote about company planning, organizing, controlling, centralization, motivation, and about performance appraisal system of this organization. The report is also presenting critical analyses, which are observed during my internship in this organization, SWOT analysis is presenting company strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. At the end of this report I have also wrote conclusion, and some vital recommendations.

After writing this report, I have found some true finding, that company has no proper HRM departments system, less marketing activities have found, less workers have found, demand is high but company have very sort staff to handle the customers demand. So there are many problems which are company facing during the operation activities. Company is offering their services in local areas, therefore no huge competition exists that areas. Overall condition of this company has found weak but still it has huge demand from the customers. However I have suggested some guidelines in recommendation section, hope these suggestions will help the Company to improve weak areas.

Table of Content

Historical Over View Al-Fassail Center Center 8

Nature of the Organization. 9

PRODUCT and brand Line. 9


Introduction to All Departments. 12

My internship program.. 16

Duration of Internship: 16

Departments in which I got training. 17

Analysis of Management Function of the organization. 20

Planning. 20

Organizations planning strategies:- 20

Decision making process:- 21

Organizing: 21

Departmentalization. 21

Span of control 22

Chain of command. 24

Centralization/Decentralization. 24

Formalization. 24

Managing change and innovation:- 25

Managing IT and Communication:- 25

Leading: 25

Leadership style:- 26

Power and politics. 26

Legitimate power 26

Reward power 26

Coercive power 27

Reference power 27

Motivation:- 27

Controlling: 28

Controlling approach:- 28

Controlling standards:- 28

Controlling of Operations:- 29

Controlling of Information/Knowledge:- 29

Performance Appraisal:- 29

Critical analysis. 30


Conclusion. 34

Recommendation. 36

Reference & source used. 37

Historical Over View of Al-Fassail Center

Al-FassailCenter established in 1994 and located in a main city Mangaf,  Kuwait. Company is involved with Dish Antennas Installations and Importing & Distributing of Digital and High Definition (HD) Satellite Receivers. Al-FassailCenter provides services of Installing Dish Antennas all over the Kuwait. It has a range of customers from domestic homes to international companies and doing all type of Dish Antennas related job as per customers demand and requirements.

Nature of the Organization

At Al-Fassail Center set a precedence to sell well built, reliable, feature packed products and as far as possible, futuristic, products at competitive prices. For over a decade, Al-FassailCenter has maintained its leadership and global presence around the world with offices worldwide. The Al-FassailCenter brand has become a household name in the satellite receiver’s industry and has earned a reputation all over the Middle East, Far East, Sub-Continent, Europe and Australia. The company have built Al-FassailCenter name as one of the top quality products throughout the world.

The company works with an impressive list of leading industry partners to market end-to-end solutions. Based on its Marketing policy – “Quality at an affordable price”, Al-FassailCenter has enjoyed years of profitable business in the Middle East market. In addition, working with the best manufacturers has not only assured the quality of our products but also has provided us with the flexibility to cope with the ever-changing requirements of the end user.


Introduction to All Departments


  1. 1.     Marketing department
  2. 2.     Finance / Accounting department
  3. 3.     HR /Admin department


Marketing department

As we know that Marketing department play very important role in every industry task and objective .A well organized marketing department is necessary for every up to date organization because a business can compete only if its marketing performance is sufficient. While we can define marketing as under:

Marketing is the process of adjusting the resources of the business firm to meet the needs of the market

  • While these resources of the business firm are as under which are also called the “Marketing Mix”.
  • Product
  • Promotion
  • Price
  • Channel of Distribution or place

We also called 4p or marketing mix these above four variables are those which a business firm can modify or manage and to keep their customers satisfied. We can say that marketing department in any organization plays an important role in the success of a business.

Product Line

  1. Free to Air Satellite Receivers
  2. Common Interface Satellite Receivers
  3. CA Embedded  Receivers
  4. Embedded Cable receivers
  5. HD 2010
  6. T-2011 Classic FTA
  7. Al-Fassail Satellite Accessories
  8. Digital Terrestrial Receivers
  9. HD decoders T-786
  1. Finance / Accounting department

It is necessary for the smooth and steady operation of the business, whether it is small scale or large scale. It is so because in t he present days large amount of assets is needed and one can’t provide a large amount. So, financial management refers to those activities which are essential for searching out the large among of capital needed for the smooth operation of business. Al-Fassail Center also have very sound accounting departments systems, where each transaction related to finance, keep recorded in order to measure the financial position of the organization .

Almost five types of vouchers are used to keep the financial record.

Five types vouchers used


ü  CRV(Cash receivable voucher)

ü  CPV (cash payment voucher)

ü  JV( journal voucher for regular activities )

ü  BPV( bank payment voucher)

ü  BRV( bank receipts voucher)

c)      Posting of entries in SBT(accounting software)

d)     Out put comes from as a trail balance

e)      Profit and loss  accounts

f)       Balance sheet

Admin department

This department is liable for controlling, planning, organizing, this department is responsible to take vital decision about their business and products. In this organization admin department is also functioning as HR department, during stay at this department, I have observed that this department is responsible to:

  1. To select right man for the right job.
  2. To motivate the workforce.
  3. To pay fair wages to the employees.
  4. To provide better working conditions to employees.


My internship program

Virtual university has given me task to do internship at any organization for getting practical knowledge and experience. Therefore according to virtual university instruction I had decided to take this great chance to enhance their practical knowledge. Hence I have selected Al-FassailCenter to fulfill this requirement. Basically this group is providing services of Installing Dish Antennas all over the Kuwait. It has a range of customers from domestic homes to international companies and doing all type of Dish Antennas related job as per customers demand and requirements.

Analysis of Management Function of the organization


The CEO of this company prepares the company plans to achieve the company goals through mutual suggestions and employees opinions. The CEO of this company is making effective plan to increase the customers’ base of the company and providing them modern facilities. Hence CEO of this company is responsible to make any plan through mutual meeting with others managers.

Organizations planning strategies:-

In this organization all the plans have been taken by the CEO of the company. Then all departments are liable to follow these instructions and policies which are organized by the company CEO.

Decision making process:-

Al-Fassail -Center CEO of this company is liable to take any vital decision by understanding the real situation. According to my observation, CEO has full ability to resolve any issue through coordination with their managers and employees. First management understands the problem, gather the facts, and then take any decision through their past experiences. So that it could help the company to take good decision.


Organizing is the function of management which follows planning. It is a function in which the synchronization and grouping of human, physical and financial resources takes place. All the three resources are important to get results.

Al-Fassail Center organizing process

  1. Identification of activities.
  2. Departmentally organizing the activities.
  3. Classifying the authority.
  4. Coordination between authority and responsibility.


Departmentalization refers to the process of grouping activities into departments. Analysis of labor or specialization is the specialization of accommodating labor in specific, belted tasks and roles, advised to access the abundance of labor. Historically the advance of a added and added circuitous analysis of labor is carefully associated with the advance of absolute achievement and trade, the acceleration of capitalism.

Division of labour or specialization is the specialization of cooperative labour in specific, circumscribed tasks and roles, intended to increase the productivity of labor.

Span of control

A hierarchy describes the structure of the management of the business, from the top of the company – the managing director, through to the shop floor worker, who reports to their foreman, in a manufacturing business.

  1. Narrow span of control permits a manager/CEO to communicate speedily with the employees under them and organize them more simply.
  2. Feedback of thoughts from the workers will be more efficient.
  3. It requires a higher level of management talent to control a superior number of employees, so there is less management skill required.

Chain of command

The CEO of this company has authority to control the all system with more efficient ways. CEO of Al-Fassail Center is responsible to control organizational physical environment, working environment, conflict handling if it rise with in the organization. Organizational objectives, goals planned by the Al-Fassail Center CEO.


Al-FassailCenter is providing their services in local level; hence centralization and decentralization does not exist at this organization. I have not found any division and sub division of this organization.


In Al-FassailCenter, management has divided intro various groups and jobs. Admin department is responsible to care the employees by increasing employee’s skills, motivate them towards their jobs by conducting effective rewards and recognition system.

Managing change and innovation:

Al-FassailCenter management is always ensuring the implementation of the operational activities and services, the culture hence to be changed according to market trend and technology innovation. In case of any error appear in the strategies plan, the management is liable to change according to right path. Therefore CEO is giving special importance to change and innovation to improve their products and services.

Managing IT and Communication:

Through effective communication channel, CEO of this organization is making systematic planning for implementation, and monitoring the communication channel with in the organization. Management is always caring and builds effective network communication to interact with their employees. Therefore CEO of this company has contingency approach to communicate with their employees effectively and efficiently.


CEO of this company is trying to encourage and motivate the employees towards their work, and give personal touch to achieve the company goals through effective communication channels. All the employees and team are being motivating by CEO through proper coordination.

Leadership style:

The CEO has abilities to influence the workers through their under below leadership style:

  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Participative Leadership

Power and politics

In fact the use of power affect the attitude of workers, hence the CEO is adopting different types of powers style to affect the employee’s behaviors, with in the organization.

Legitimate power

The CEO is using legitimate power in written foam by taking any action. He prefers to force the each employee to follow the organizational rules and regulation which have already been organized in this organization.

Reward power

This Organization have fully reward power, therefore company always appreciate the employee performance and rewarded them according to their performance. All the performance in this organization has been measured on the merit base.

Coercive power

In this company the management also using coercive power to punish those employees who cannot pay attention to their work.

Reference power

The CEO of this company has also reference power in community level, social level and also in political level.


As I have already written above this company is motivation their employees by offering them Hand some salary packages, effective compensation system, promotion, and through effective recognition system. Most of the employees are being motivating through effective rewards system; this strategy is creating high job satisfaction with in the company.


The control is to check progress towards goals and take remedial action when necessary. Management has very strict control over the errors and the correction control part of the management system is clearly distinct and strictly implemented.


Controlling approach:-

In the administrator’s control mechanisms are based on the market for goods and services used by the company.

Controlling standards:-

The CEO of this company is always trying to control its internal environment through their good abilities. These internal activities may include the integration of activities, strategic plans, employee’s attitudes, company policies. Therefore the management has full control over mentioned internal activities.

Controlling of Operations:-

I investigate the company is managing his employees discovers the reason that causes the problems and errors in the operation. The goals and the course of work done are aligned with the organizational goals.

Controlling of Information/Knowledge:-

CEO of this company is using (MIS) system that helps the CEO to control the various areas efficiently and effectively. His view is that it plays an important role in the control process.


Performance Appraisal:-

This company is also believe on the performance appraisal system, therefore the performance are being measured on merit base. The company is adopting under below major tools for measuring employee’s performance.

  1. 1.      Through using MBO system
  2. 2.     Checklist
  3. 3.     Graph rating scale
  4. 4.     Forced choice method
  5. 5.      Through 360 degree



Virtual university has given me task to do an internship in any organization as per covenant. This main purpose of this internship was to gain the practical and professional knowledge. Therefore to I have decided to join Al-Fassail -Center for internship. Here I have learnt lot of professional activities from different departments. After completing this internship I have also written my whole report on Al-Fassail -Center through my observation. After wring whole report especially critical analysis, SWOT analysis, some of the true findings are under below.

On the base on SWOT Analysis

  1. Company has good reputation due to 24 hours services
  2. Company is providing home base services free before and after sales.
  3. Company has not very huge competition in the market so management is enjoying with lot of customers.
  4. Company has few employees, but huge demand from the customers.
  5. Company has less skill manager and supervisors
  6. Company is adopting any promotion activities
  7. Company has opportunity to expand their network at country level
  8. Company has opportunity to export its products at international level.
  9. Change in Government rules and regulation proved as threats
  10. Increase in taxes also a threat for this company.

On the base on Critical Analysis

  1. Company employee behavior with customers is not good. They could not talk with their customers with sweat manners.
  2. The management is not giving prefer to involve the employees in decision making or planning.
  3. There is communication gap between employees; employees could not work with coordination.
  4. This company have not separate human resource department. Therefore employees are losing lot of benefits.



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