MBA Project Topics for Research Work

MBA Project topics or research work, these topics can cover all areas of MBA like, MBA Project topics in Finance, MBA Project topics in marketing, MBA Project topics Human resources management and you can download these topics free of cost. 

1)      How do interest rates affect stock markets?

2)      Importance of microfinance in developing countries.

3)      Effect of privatization on the profitability of banks in developing countries

4)      Effect of privatization on business education in Pakistan

5)      WTO: pros and cons for exporters in Pakistan

6)      Stock market index volatility

7)      Blue chip stock return volatility

8)      Cement sector performance viz-a-viz market performance

9)      Impact of money supply on interest rates in Pakistan

10)   Mutual funds Performance Measurement

11)   Performance study of distribution channels

12)   Mutual fund characteristics in developed countries

13)   Uses of free cash flows in different business sectors

14)   A study on dividend payout ratio and business growth

15)   Stock price forecast using existing approaches

16)   IPO performance in various economic conditions

17)   Corporate social responsibility of a money-centric company

18)   Impact of fiscal Policy on stock markets

19)   A study on inflation and its effects on energy sector

20)   Impact of Energy crisis on inflation rate in Pakistan

21)   A study based on the effects of interest rate KIBOR on share price

22)   A test of price earnings ratio to predict growth

23)   A comparative study between micro-finance banks, micro-finance institutions and rural support programs in creating self –employment in Pakistan

24)   Banking and currency crises causality from banks crises to currency crises

25)   Implementation of Basle Accord in Banking sector of Pakistan

26)   Bankruptcy and governance: the impact of board composition and structure

27)   Capital structure and financial performance: evidence form (any country)

28)   Capital structure decision and expected inflation

29)   Comparative study of gold and T-bill as a hedge against inflation in (any country)

30)   Comparative study of credit ratings and capital structure adjustments

31)   Cash flow and capital spending relationship: evidence from automobile sector

32)   Difference between overall efficiency results of conventional and Islamic banks

33)   Determinants of financial strength of a company.

34)   Determinants of Corporate dividend payout policy

35)   Determinant of dividend payout ratio: A study of Pakistani fertilizer sector

36)   Determinants of P/E  and other market value ratios

37)   Determinants of inflation and interest rates

38)   Dividend policy and stock price volatility

39)   Political instability and stock returns

40)   Effects of economic growth and interest rate on banks profitability in (any country)

41)   Effects of Free Cash flow on future profitability of firms

42)   Causes and Effects of mergers and acquisition in banking sector of Pakistan

43)   Factors affecting the dividend payout ratio in sugar industry

44)   Financial leverage and investment policy for stock trading

45)   Asset allocation decision of insurance companies

46)   Fundamental variables and stock return; evidence from sugar and allied sector of Pakistan

47)   Impact of macroeconomic indicators on stock market performance: the case study of the Karachi stock exchange 100 index

48)   Impact of taxation on bank profitability

49)   Impact of privatization on telecom sector growth

50)   Impact of privatization of banks on profitability

51)   Increase in stock prices due to increase in foreign investment in (any country)

52)   Effectiveness of CAPM and other models to assess fair value of stocks on KSE?

53)   Macroeconomic determinants of stock return study on (any) sector of (any country)

54)   Predicting stock price via dividend discount model a study over (any) sector

55)   Performance evaluation of mutual fund in (any country)

56)   Ramadan effect on Karachi stock market

57)   Rate and size of T-bill auctions as determinants of KIBOR

58)   Relationship between cash reserve ratio (CRR) and reserve requirement ratio on bank profitability

59)   Relationship between free cash flows and investment in (any) sector of (any) country

60)   Relationship of stock market returns and rate of inflation

61)   Relationship between CPI and bond price

62)   Relationship between stock prices and exchange rate

63)   Relationship between interest rates and exchange rates

64)   Role of inflation and factors affecting inflation in current scenario of (any country)

65)   Impact of margin financing on stock trading

66)   Stock price and its relationship with economic variables (interest rate, inflation and GDP)

67)   Share price volatility explicated by fundamentals

68)   Testing semi-strong form efficiency of EHM on KSE

69)   The impact of inflation on bank deposit rates

70)   The effect of accounting key drivers on stock returns

71)   The impact of remittance on household consumption

72)   Which is the most significant internal factor affecting bank profitability? Size, capital, loans or deposits

73)    Can corporatization improve the performance of state-owned enterprises even without privatization?

74)   The process of cash management in international banks

75)   Attitude of investors towards countries with unstable political environment

76)   Society’s attitude towards debit and credit cards

77)   An in-depth analysis of Visa and MasterCard financial statements

78)   Online banking in developed and developing countries: A comparative study

79)   The impact of money supply on economic growth in Japan and Korea

80)   Determinants of online banking success in Malaysia

81)   Trade impact on land-locked countries: The case of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia

82)   The role and rationale of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector

83)   A comparative analysis of Islamic and non-Islamic banks.

84)   Monetary policy in the aftermath of natural disasters

85)   Subprime mortgage crisis in United States

86)   The propagation of credit shocks, and monetary policies

87)   Open economy macroeconomics with frictions and development goals

88)         Informational efficiency and predictive accuracy of prediction markets – a first analysis of arbitrage opportunity

89)         The role of exports in African Economic Development: A comparative study of Mauritius and Tunisia

90)         The effects of new entrants on economic growth: A story on advanced and laggard sectors

91)         Impact in the economy of rising oil and energy prices

92)         Determinants of wage and labor supply

93)         Do tight environmental regulations reduce economic growth?

94)         Analysis of markets using microeconomic models

95)         Inflation and unemployment

96)         Central Bank autonomy: risks and benefits

97)         Risks and uncertainty and markets for insurance

98)         Performance of insurance in the times of recession

99)         Energy prices and trade in the global economy

100)     Role of energy sector in the growth of an economy

101)     a comparative analysis of balanced fund scheme of mutual fund

102)     Mutual funds vs. closed end funds—performance evaluation

103)      analysis of foreign currency funding option

104)     Money market yields and investment risk in Pakistan

105)     Analytical study of derivatives in Pakistan Currency correlation and variability as hedging tool

106)     Impact of inflation and GDP on stock market returns in Pakistan

107)      impact of electronic advertising on purchasing decision

108)     Sensitivity analysis of stocks in financial sector

109)     Risk management with financial derivatives

110)     Futures markets in Pakistan

111)     A study on impact of mergers and acquisitions in the capital market

112)      A study on “why companies should go for outsourcing”

113)     Effectiveness and scope of employee referrals in the process of talent sourcing

114)     Stock market: Is it an appropriate indicator to development?

115)     Credit rating and credit risk premium

116)     Relation Between Monetary Policy & Inflation

117)     Effect of Monetary Policy on interest rates

118)     Logistic systems for Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Production

119)     e-Agro Business and Production Chain Management

120)     Logistic strategies – The Modernization of Lahore

121)     Relationship between economic performance, institutional settings and exchange market pressure in transition economies.

122)     Family businesses: financial management and succession in family-owned firms

123)     Legitimacy of new organizational forms, and its relation to form emergence and industry evolution.

124)     Personality influences on cooperation and decision-making

125)     Strategic decision-making for town development, and for preserving public and cultural entities

126)      The impact of media context on advertising effectiveness

127)     Consumer behaviour with respect to fair trade products

128)     Services innovation, the role of communication and organizational/marketing interfaces during the project-life cycle

129)     The impact of the store environment on affective, cognitive and co-native consumer reactions; a case study of Hyper-star

130)      Interaction between mobility and economics: relationship between economic growth and transport demand

131)     Effective Governance in private organizations: the influence of multiple stakeholders

132)     Media legitimacy, news exposure and corporate environmental communication.

133)     The business transfer within family firms and the impact on the financial structure.

134)     Earnings Management induced by Cognitive Reference Points. An International Perspective.

135)     Brand Placement Effectiveness: Towards an Integrative Framework.

136)     Branded content: effectiveness and acceptability in a cross-cultural perspective.

137)     Effect of mergers and acquisitions on brand image.

138)     Just and sustainable trade, between market and solidarity: diagnosis and perspectives.

139)     Applications of competition policy in the Telecom industry.

140)     Structural underemployment and job shortage: the paradox of labor markets.

141)     New industrial economy and the role of the government.

142)     Effective Governance in private organizations: the influence of multiple stakeholders’ incentives on organizational success and the mediating role of governance.

143)     Study regarding macro-prudential analysis.

144)     Taxes and income shifting in multinational corporations.

145)     Transparency in performance disclosure as a corporate governance mechanism. Strategic dynamics and institutional pressures.

146)     The Order of Liberalization of the Current and Capital Accounts of the Balance of Payments

147)     Developing Countries and Trade Policy:  what policies have been pursued, and what is the relationship between trade policies and economic performance or growth

148)      The Scope and Potential Impact of Imports and Exports of Services on Pakistani Economy

149)     Sustaining China’s Economic Growth after the Global Financial Crisis

150)     Effects of bank distress on the saving habits of the rural dwellers

151)     The impact of banking regulation and supervision in Pakistan commercial banks

152)      Capital budgeting in the private sector

153)     The role of working capital management in private sector establishments

154)      The impact of accounting information on bank lending decision

155)     The role of commercial banks in small scale business financing

156)     The impact of money market products on profit performance of commercial bank

157)     The effects of micro- economic policies on the Pakistan financial sector.

158)     Currency regimes, currency stability and economic development

159)     IMF: Goals and achievements

160)     Role of Bank for International settlement in global integration of financial markets

161)     IASB and GAAP: Differences in approach and impact

162)     WTO: concerns of developing countries

163)     Analysis of Balance of Trade—Pakistan

164)     Study of banking sector as an economic catalyst

165)     Beta: Its significance in investment analysis and decision making

166)     Credit risk management

167)     Devaluation and its impact on balance of payments

168)     Currency regimes and monetary policy

169)     Feasibility study of a high school in Lahore

170)     Hydel Power, thermal power  and alternative sources of energy

171)     Importance and scope of Sukuk financing in Pakistan

172)     Pak-India trade: Challenges, scope and impact

173)     Role of Securities Market Division of SECP in channelizing investment

174)     Primary markets in Pakistan

175)     Investment banking in Pakistan

176)     Success in IPOs: 1993-2013

177)     Use and scope of hybrid securities in Pakistan

178)     Corporate Bonds in Pakistan

179)     A study of banking spreads in Pakistan after privatization of banks

180)     Role of NCCPL in capital markets of Pakistan

181)     A study of KIBOR spreads, loan maturity and economic activity

182)     A review of Pakistan’s monetary policy: 2005-13

183)     Micro finance banking in Pakistan

184)     Performance of Islamic banks in Pakistan

185)     Relationship between working capital and profitability: An analytical study

186)     Performance of stock exchanges after going public

187)     Exchange rate volatility: A comparative study of Yen, Euro, Pound Sterling and US dollar

188)     Reserve requirement ratio and its impact on credit creation

189)     Impact of Basel III on banking industry

190)     Impact of Central Depository System on Stock market turnover

191)     Collateralized Debt Obligations: Role, scope and risks

192)     PACRA’s contribution to capital and money markets in Pakistan

193)      Mortgage industry in Pakistan

194)     Subprime Mortgage crises in United States

195)     Risk management through Swaps

196)     Globalization and international banking

197)     International trade risks and risk management

198)     Innovations in insurance industry

199)     Mutual funds growth: year 2000-2010

200)     Performance evaluation: closed end funds vs. mutual funds

201)     Banking sector growth 2000-2010: Islamic banks vs. Commercial banks

202)     Consumer banking in Pakistan: Past, present and future

203)     Financial Analysis of MCB bank 2007-2012

204)     Role of information technology in financial market growth

205)     Listing requirements on Karachi Stock Exchange

206)     Money market mutual funds performance: Year 2003-13

207)     Dividend Policy: Preferences in Cement industry

208)     Options Contract: What options do the investors have?

209)     Future of Index Futures in Pakistan

210)     Brand Management: A case study of Walls

211)     Impact of brand awareness on brand loyalty: a case study of Head & Shoulder

212)     A consumer decision making model in automobile industry of Pakistan

213)     A study of waste management and recycling in electronics market of Pakistan

214)     Study of purchase influencing factors in the cellular industry

215)     A comparative study on customer relationship strategies adopted by major private credit card banks with special reference to Bank Al-Falah Limited

216)     A study on consumer behavior towards pasteurized milk with special reference to Anhaar pasteurized Milk

217)     The Role of Marketing on Economic Development

218)     Relationship Between Sales Performance and Sales Promotion in a Manufacturing Sector

219)     Comparative study on brand loyalty

220)     Impact of promotional activities on consumer’s behaviour at retail outlets

221)     Study of factors which influence the

222)     The impact of taxation on electronic industry and there production yield

223)     The study of customer perceptions towards online shopping in Pakistan

224)     Changing trends in telecom industry in Pakistan

225)     Impact of buying factors on the sales of luxury good

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