MBA Final Project Guidelines of VU


A master level student should be able to demonstrate the ability to pursue independent rigorous analysis of a business-related issue, to clearly present the findings, to provide practical solution, and to demonstrate an understanding of the policy implications thereof. The rationale of the program is to give the student the tools and opportunity to do so.

Final Project (HRM619 Final Project,MGT619 Final Project,MKT619 Final Project,FIN619 Final Project)

The final Project report has distinct and important role in the student’s MBA. program. It is vehicle by which the participant is able to demonstrate a range of intellectual and practical skills, which not only show that he/she is of master’s caliber, but also which he/she will carry with him/herself throughout the career.

The Final Project is thus clearly intended to be more than an end itself. It is intended that the techniques, insights and skills gained, which either underpin the work, or are acquired in the course of preparing and presenting the Final Project are a significant part of the learning experience of the M. Com. Program.

The Final Project program is designed to:

  1. Develop issue and aspects on the basis of MBA courses.
  2. Investigate in depth a particular issue or problem from within the areas of business and management.
  3. Utilize managerial tools included in the M. Com. program in a major analytical work.
  4. Tackle current issues within the organization and environment involved.
  5. Translate the examination of theoretical and empirical issues into policy implications.
  6. To develop and give the participant the opportunity to demonstrate the skills of:
  7. For the participant to become fully apprised of the nature, demands and opportunities in preparing, planning and executing a masters level report

Options Available

Participants are allowed to pick any of the following two applied business research options available for MBA VU Final Project:

  • Diagnostic study
  • Feasibility Study

Diagnostic Study

Any business related issue which is substantial in nature and will convince the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) that it will afford participant opportunity to demonstrate expected level of competence at master’s level as indicated in aims and objectives above.

It could be a current issue confronted by an organization or industry in general, which needs a comprehensive evaluation, and might relate to production, planning , marketing, operations, human resource management, and finance. In most of these cases you might only have partial exposure to symptoms in one domain but generally problems stem from somewhere else and most likely will involve more than one domain. For instance, vertical or horizontal analysis of data might indicate divergence from industry averages but might be stemming from any one or combination of issues related to: overheads, stock turnover, poor planning and execution, cash flows, customer complaints, delayed shipments, confused advertizing, or changing customer habits, etc.

Companies generally are shy to share confidential information in developing countries and particularly in “Seth” organizations, though it is true for corporate sector also. Managers are reluctant to admit problems faced by them, let alone share with outsiders especially students to avoid unnecessary exposure and negative consequences.

Generally participants are advised to focus on organizations or industry they intend to join related to their area of specialization. It not only helps them to hone their skills but also provides opportunity to work closely with industry to get practical insights, which later on becomes critical at the time of placement.

Feasibility Study

This option is to develop a business plan for an organization, which is trying to either launch new product, product line, or expanding into a new geographical area. This will entail a comprehensive solution comprising of all major functional areas of business. Though it is a pre-feasibility study, generally devoid of detailed engineering aspects, yet a higher level of rigor and details is expected here especially as compared to Business Plan exercise conducted in Entrepreneurship course.

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