FIN619 Final Project Assignment # 1 Semester Fall 2013

FIN619-Final Project-Finance Assignmant No.1 (Submission of Proposal for Project)

Dear students FIN619 Final Project Assignment #1 submission of Final project proposal for fall 2013 has been announced.  FIN619 final project Assignment No.1 (Proposal for Project) has been given on VULMS. The format of proposal is available on VULMS under the tab of “DOWNLOADS” & “Lesson no.6”. It is hereby advised to explore the following links to get the usable helping material as well as formats:

You must submit your proposal by uploading it against Assignment No.1 on VULMS before or on due date which is 22nd November, 2013 (you can check this from course semester calendar as well which is available in Course Overview and Lesson no.2 under Course Website). Make sure no submission will be entertained through E-mail and after due date.

FIN619 Assignment # Semester  fall 2013 Project Proposal Solution.

List of Final Project on Profitability Ratio Analysis
List of Final Project on Ratio Analysis of banks
List of Final Project on liquidity and leverage ratio analysis

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