Impact of Reward and Recognition Programs On Employee’s Motivation Telenor ASA

The Impact Of Reward And Recognition Programs On Employee’s Motivation And Satisfaction Telenor ASA

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Impact of Reward and Recognition Programs On Employee’s Motivation Telenor ASA. This research held to know the reward and recognition system and its effect on employee motivation at Telenor ASA. Employee motivation is not something to neglect and reward and recognition system has always been successful priority to increase their motivation. Time has proven that only that company progresses that give importance to their employees and improves their reward & recognition system. This system is to see the feedback obtained from employees, modify it according to the system of organization and meet the discrepancies in their system.

This research is using the simple random sampling technique and the data obtained is measured by mean test evaluation and correlation. Simple random sampling is the most convenient and gives the best and ease of handling the questionnaire to gather the data. From this research, it has been observed that majority of respondents have selected agreed option for the given questionnaire

When all the shareholders of the company will have gone through this study findings completely, all of them will be able to form a complete idea of any employee that up to which extent he is motivated with this work. For example, is the employee getting enough reward and recognition from the company to further boost him up. By this, management persons will also be able to assess themselves whether they are providing required reward and recognition to their employees or not. When all the factors will be studied, company will come to know that in which way it can enhance the motivation level of its employees.

The primary source of this study will be the employees of Telenore ASA from lower to middle level because a survey method is adopted at the primary level and data obtained at this stage is called primary data. This is the most authentic method to collect data because researchers collect this data through the sources concerned with that particular topic Impact of Reward and Recognition Programs On Employee’s Motivation Telenor ASA

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