HRMI619 Internship Report on NBP Fall 2013

This report has been prepared after getting internship in NBP. The virtual university has given me task to done it in any organization. So I have selected the NBP for getting practical knowledge. I have divided my reports in various portions. The main purpose of this report is to analyze the HR activities adopt by the NBP. The first portions of my report consist on History of NBP, its board of Directors and review of committee.

Further Readers will able to understand about NBP mission and Vision too.  In the next coming pages, Report is giving a whole picture of NBP business volume, its products lines, what are the main clients, and what are the whole competitors. In the 3rd portion, I have written NBP department’s information, its task, all department function.

So it will increase the awareness of the readers regarding to NBP Departments activities. The other main and vital portion of my report is my tasks which have been assigned during internship. In report I have mentioned all departments I worked and got practical knowledge.  Here I want to mention these entire departments which I got training.

Data on the requirements of the NBP is usually measured on the basis of information obtained from feedback from various NBP sectors and regional offices. All this process has is usually done trough getting data from various branches. On the based on data collected from the feedback of the different branches, regional offices of the HRP is evaluated. It has been identified that NBP has its own email, through this bank communicate to their employees regarding to orders or notifications.

For the development of an employee of an Annual Training Plan will be distributed by Human Resources in December the two Centres for Training and Development, taking into account the needs of different departments of the Bank identified through the annual evaluation form and feedback from the Audit Division. The plan lists all the workshops, courses and seminars offered during the next year.
Minimal training for all that is required for all Bank employees to attend at least two days of training in a calendar year. NBP Branches, NBP area offices and NBP Headquarters divisions / departments are to submit their nominations for the courses in advance (as prescribed by the training in question and Development Center). NBP Employees are encouraged to take initiative and get nominated by their supervisors for training courses relevant to their needs.

Performance Standards provide the employee with specific performance expectations for each major destination. Are observable behaviors and actions that explain how the work will be done in addition to the results expected for satisfactory job performance? They tell the employee what good work looks like. The purpose of the performance standard is to communicate expectations. NBP to set performance standards, keeping the following points in intelligence.

It has been identified according to NBP rules and regulation; job also might be change with the organization when any worker achieved a chance of promotion in any other company, he or she will leave the present company but according to NBP terms and condition. If any worker could meet the NBP rules, he or she are allow to changes their jobs.

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