HRM619 Project Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction at NBP

HRM619 Project Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction at NBP. A field study was showed with 175 Civil Service clerical employees. The results indicated that extravert’s favorite jobs with higher levels of cognitive task strains, pace of task demands, cognitive closure, extrinsic rewards and intrinsic rewards. Neuroticism was negatively related to these preferences excluding for extrinsic rewards, and the relationships were not as strong. Extraverts were found to be less satisfied than introverts with their present clerical job in terms of the work itself, supervision and co-workers as measured by the Job Descriptive Index. Neuroticism was unrelated to job satisfaction. If you are looking other HRM619 Final Project topic then you can see the the link below.

HRM619 Final Project Human Resource Management Topics

National Bank has always been considered as the pillar of the country’s economic scenario asset wise or balance sheet wise. Its image, work force, network and reputation have created a sentimental and emotional attachment. NBP has been growing both in size and profits for past few years.

NBP is now spreading their network in every city to fulfill their customer need and want by establishing sound good will and increased its activities in branch opening and profit making. At present all banks face the instability of country economy but still NBP is emphasis to provide customer satisfaction as compared to their competitor.

National bank of Pakistan is engaged in providing commercial banking and related services in Pakistan and overseas. National Bank of Pakistan is customer focused institution. It has developed a wide range of consumer products, to enhance business and cater to the different segments of society. Bank’s services are available to individuals, corporate entities and government.

In Banking System NBP have great contribution in serving all aspects of general life as well as all classes of societies. NBP is fully aware of development taking places in the world of economic and social changes occur in country the bank is meeting all these challenges by redefining goals and strategies. The organizational structure of NBP is vertical; apparent chain of command. Selections the choices the selections are centralized; members at the highest of a corporation will build necessary decisions for development.

National Bank has earned recognition and diverse awards internationally. Structure of the national bank of Pakistan is decentralization the most power within the hand of head workplace however each branch works beneath the branch manager. National Bank of Pakistan is that the largest industrial bank operating in Pakistan. The National Bank has nice contribution towards building wide Banking structure in Pakistan. NBP is absolutely responsive to the developments going down in over all worlds furthermore because the changes occur within the money and social condition with in Pakistan.

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