FIN623 MBA ProjectTaxation Management GDB Fall2012

Topic To Be Tested: Revenue Collection Strategies. Learning objectives:



FIN623 Taxation Management GDB Fall2012

Energy crisis is one of the burning issues for government, media, people and businesses of Pakistan. The situation of electricity has been so exacerbated that industry had to face the toughest time now a days. Shortage in electricity production and keen interest of government for energy projects are vital reasons for investment in power sector. Different local and multinational companies find power sector a potential opportunity for their growth and want to invest in it for the better return at minimum risk.

Government wants to deal with the issue on priority basis through different strategies which may include Internal Borrowing, External Borrowing, Grants, Aids or Taxation. In your opinion, which of these mentioned strategies can be a better option? 

Discuss the potential benefits of the selected strategy to support your answer?


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