FIN619 Final Project on Ratio Analysis Banking Sector Approved

FIN619 Final Project finance Ratio Analysis Banking Sector Approved by Virtual University of Pakistan. 

FIN619 Final Project Finance on Ratio analysis is the most important tool for measuring and evaluating financial performance of any organization they are used to provide necessary information which can be used by management, investors, creditors, lenders, customers, and suppliers. By use of ratio analysis we can determine and highlight the stronger and weak sides of the company.FIN619 Final Project Approved Financial ratio analysis can be used by company to improve its performance by predicting future market fluctuations. Financial ratio of a company can be compared with the ratio of competitor Company or with the industry. This comparative analysis depicts the performance of a single firm in comparison to its competitors or with the industry as a whole. Trend analysis in ratio analysis is used to see and compare performance of a company from a point in time.

FIN619 Final Projects Finance Ratio Analysis banking sector available.

In these days for creditors and investors and for most of the stakeholders concerned with the financial being of a corporate firm or company or organization is it’s financial statements. But merely looking at financial statements will provide you only 25000-feets overview of the company’s health. In order to better understand the existing financial weaknesses and stregnths of the company and it’s past history and future trends, it is extremely important to do the ratio analysis for these companies. Same is true for the banking sector. Ratio analysis basically is consisted of calculating and comparing the well defined universally accepted financial standard ratios by obtaining the necessary information from the publicly provided financial statements of the company.

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