FIN619 Accounting Ratio Analysis banking Sector

FIN619 Accounting Ratio Analysis banking Sector

Accounting Ratio analysis plays a really vital role in analyzing a company’s money position and its performance. this method is principally accustomed analyze money statements that facilitate in comprehending actuality money position of the corporate. quantitative relation analysis is crucial once there’s a desire to match totally different organizations competitive  in a very similar marketplace for identical client section, in such cases quantitative relation analysis helps in scrutiny money performance of every company operational within the same sector to envision that firm is financially sturdy compared to its rivals. Investors, bankers, CFO’s and management of monetary establishments use quantitative relation analysis to find weaknesses within the company and devise ways that to beat these weaknesses. Investors can invest in a very firm that encompasses a sturdy money position. Another use for quantitative relation analysis is to perform a analysis by scrutiny past trends and use them to determine stable future trends, in alternative words ratios facilitate in designing for the long run of the corporate.

FIN619 Accounting Ratio Analysis

This study has been conducted over the subject of magnitude relation analysis of 3 banks within the personal / Government sector particularly Soneri Bank, United Bank and commercial bank of West Pakistan, reason for choosing this subject is that it’ll modify U.S.A. to check that bank holds a stronger monetary position among the Banks’ official websites were in the main used for knowledge assortment, most of the collected knowledge is secondary knowledge obtained from the websites of all 3 banks. All necessary calculations and analysis were performed on Microsoft stand out sheet. throughout analysis the subsequent findings were noted that square measure given below:

  1. UBL net profit ratio is more as compare to NBP and Soneri bank whereas NBP secure second and Soneri secures third position in the analysis.
  2. Operating cash flow of Soneri bank is high as compare to other two banks while UBL is at second position in getting cash flows and NBP is at third.

As far as gross spread ratio is concerned Soneri bank get least gross spread than others while UBL gets the highest and NBP is at second number.

Ratio analysis is one in every of the oldest and most typically used money analysis techniques it shows the money position of the corporate. magnitude relation analysis may be a mathematical technique used for analysis, measure, and comparison of economic conditions and overall performance of banks and different establishments and businesses. These ratios are wont to compare the position of the banks within the market. a vital feature of magnitude relation analysis is that it facilitates comparison of economic establishments i.e. banks of various sizes it shows whether or not performance has been increasing or decreasing over time. magnitude relation analysis is predicated on accounting info provided by the corporate it provides a transparent image regarding financial condition and liquidity of any organization.

This analysis paper can investigate performance of 3 banks particularly Soneri Bank, UBL, and NBP for the amount 2010-2012. money magnitude relation analysis technique are utilised to search out the liquidity, profitable, credit quality and money conditions of all the 3 higher than mentioned banks. we’ll be ready to see that bank holds a stronger position within the market. money position of any organization may be simply determined with the assistance of economic ratios.

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