Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part II (All About VU Research Project)

Question 1

Respected sir,

Structured Interview and Unstructured Interview tool  in HRM619 Final Project Research.


Reply by Mian Aamir


Structured interview is more valid than a unstructured interview because it allows for a employer to ask set questions, and give them the ability to make sure the relevant questions are asked.

Unstructured Interviews are a method of interviews where questions can be changed or adapted to meet the respondent’s intelligence, understanding or belief. Unlike a structured interview they do not offer a limited, pre-set range of answers for a respondent to choose, but instead advocate listening to how each individual person responds to the question.

Question 2

Respected sir,

What is purpose of Research Design? What differenct5 methods or techniques are being used in Contemporary Research?


Reply by Mian Aamir.

Research design is a master plan specifying the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information. It is a framework or the blueprint that plans the action for research project.  The objectives of the study determined during the early stages of the research are included in thee design to ensure that the information collected is appropriate for solving the problem.  The researcher must specify the sources of information, and the research method or technique (survey or experiment, for example) to be followed in thee study.

Broadly there are six basic research methods for descriptive and causal research: surveys, experiments, observation, communication analysis (content analysis), case study, focus group discussion.  Use of secondary data may be another method where the data may have been collected by using any of the six basic methods listed earlier. The objectives of the research, the available data sources thee urgency of the decision, and the cost of obtaining the data will determine the method to be is chosen.

Question 3

Respected sir,

Field experiment has greater external validity than lab experiment and vice versa. Why?

Reply by Mian Aamir.

Studies conducted to establish cause-and-effect relationship using the same natural environment are called field experiments. The main difference is that, here the researcher does not interfere with the natural occurrence of events in as much as independent variable is manipulated.

Question 3

Respected sir,

What is the purpose of focus group discussion in MGT619 Final Project? thanks

Reply by Mian Aamir.

The purpose of an FGD (Focus group interview is different) is to obtain in-depth information on concepts, perceptions, and ideas of the group. An FGD aims to be more than a question-answer interaction (Focus group interview is different). Here the idea is that group members discuss the topic among themselves.

Question 4

What are different ethical issues related to validity data of HRM619 Final Project

Reply by Mian Aamir.

Perhaps your values are not in position with the point the evaluation wants to prove. Before responsibility an evaluation you need to consider the ethical and moral implications of the research you are about to conduct. Are these evaluations that you would want to conduct? Would you do it and then say it was wrong or would you choose not to even be linked with the research? Perhaps you could establish construct validity, that there is a relationship, but what will the implication of your findings be? Would you want to contribute to the establishment of construct validity of an issue that does not meet your personal ethics and you feel does not contribute to the greater good of society? These are questions that you, as a social researcher, should stop to ponder.

Hopefully you will get answer of your query and for any further query feel free to contact.

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