Dare to Ask Mian Aamir all about HRM619 Project Proposal

Is SPSS is enough for data analyzing and processing or likert scale will be used for this purpose.

Dear Student, SPSS is a software that use for data processing and analysis that researcher get from respondents while likert sacle use in questionnaire that provides range to respondent for answering question.

Do I have to send all the sections of HRM619 thesis on 1 july on assignment or can I send the literature review or data analysis to my supervisor’s email for correction of mistakes. 

Dear Student You have to submit the whole project for evaluation against the assignment on LMS.

 Do we have to check the plagiarism in our thesis by ourself or our supervisior will help us in indicating the plagiarism data when we submit our thesis report?

Dear Student, Your report will be checked for plagiarism when you will submit it by your supervisor and you will be asked to remove it if found.

In proposal instructor suggested me to use SPSS for transfer the questionnaires data into it and for further processing and analysis. Is it compulsory to use it or another module like MS. Excel will be use instead of it.

Dear Student, If your HRM619 topic needs to apply Regression analysis on data then its compulsory to use SPSS, in case your data requires only descriptive analysis then you can use MS Excel.

I have sent the questionnair to my supervisor, shall I start doing work on my thesis or not ?

Dear Student, Please wait till the approval of your questionnaire by supervisor. It will be communicated to you through email.

How to use SPSS

You may consult internet and download any SPSS manual. But it is suggested to us Microsoft excel for your data analysis.

My project proposal on  Effect of rewards on motivation is accepted and commented to provide Questionnaire, would you please help or guide me in this regards to make questionnaire. Shall be thankful for your help.

Try to find out any developed questionnaire on the topic and send it through email for approval.

I want to comparison of “leaves, overtime, medical facilities, T/A D/A allowance” between two cement organization. can i select as a topic “comparison of Employees benefits between two private organization”.

Yes you can work on the topic “Benefit policies: A case study of single organization or a comparative study of two organizations.

AoA: Should I Add the word “Percieved” in the Project Title as has been suggested by you in marked File.

Yes, you have to add the word “perceived” in the title of your topic as suggested.


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