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AIOU B.ED Research Project Writing Service


Dear Students, We are professional for writing AIOU B.ED Research Project and proposal of the Allama Iqbal University of Pakistan with the very affordable price. If you are looking B.Ed Final project of AIOU then you are at the right place. As per manual research project, we are offering following projects with the courses. Cell: 03214750603 Whatsapp:  03214750603 B.ED (1.5 and B.ED/2.5) The scientific research could be a sensible course within which the tyro academics are going to be concerned with the action research method. The scientific research is going to be the individual work of the scholar. The course can [...]

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Impact of Authentic leadership on Psychological Capital of Followers; Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence of Followers


Authentic leadership Authentic Leadership, Psychological Capital, and Emotional Intelligence are three highly important variables in management science. The research scholars have tested their relationships in various fields, domains, cultures, and organizations. The relationship between Authentic Leadership and psychological capital in government departments and the mediating role of Emotional Intelligence in between two variables i.e. AL and PC has not been examined before. The current research analysis the mediating role of Emotional Intelligence of followers in the relationship between Authentic Leadership and Psychological Capital of followers. The model has been tested in a public sector organization i.e. Sindh High Court. The finding [...]

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HRM619,MGT619,MKT619 Project Research Proposal Writing


How to Write a Research Proposal of Virtual University of Pakistan A research proposal is a document that presents a plan for a project to reviewers for evaluation. It is actually a roadmap showing clearly the location from where a journey begins and the destination to be reached at. The proposal should provide all the necessary. initial information and plan so that the project supervisor can better understand the problem under study. The purpose of the project research proposal is to: Present the topic of the project and its importance. Give an idea to the instructor about how you will proceed [...]

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Dare to Ask Mian Aamir Part 9 all about VU Final Project


Dear sir, Please explain letter of transmutation and letter of authorization. Letter of Transmittal is written to release the report to the recipient. It also serves to establish some rapport between the reader and the writer Letter of Authorization is a letter to the researcher approving the project, detailing who has responsibility for the project and indicating what resources are available to support it. Dear sir, Define limitation in FGD. Results of the focus group discussions cannot usually be generalized beyond the population from where the participants in FGD came. The moderator may influence focus group discussion and may bias the information. Dear sir, [...]

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MGT619 comments dissertation research proposal Fall 2017


Assignment 03 -Revised Proposal for Project/Dissertation and research proposal ideas. This assignment is for below mentioned students ONLY: 1. Whose dissertation research proposals has been in Assignment # 02 has been REJECTED 2. Whose dissertation research proposal Proposal submitted in Assignment # 02 Needs Improvement 3. Who have not submitted Proposal against Assignment # 02. MGT619 Dissertation research proposal topics Dear Student, This is to inform you that assignment 03 (revised dissertation research proposal for project/dissertation) has been given on VULMS for the above mentioned students ONLY. You must submit your revised / improved proposal against Assignment#02 before Due Date: December 13, 2013. Make sure no submission will [...]

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MGT703-Strategic Management GDB No 1,2017


Dear Students, Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 01 will be opened on April 28, 2017 for discussion and last date for posting your discussion will be May 04, 2017. Topic: Comparative Analysis of Marketing Mix Strategies for Dawlance and LG in Pakistan This Graded Discussion Board will cover video module 1 and related reading are available in download section as well. Important Instructions Your discussion must be based on logical facts. The GDB will open and close on above specified date and time. Please note that no grace day or extra time will be given for posting comments on GDB. Use the [...]

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MGT619 Final Project proposal Problem related to Objectives


MGT619 Final Project proposal Problem related to Objectives The MGT619 final project objective of a certain research summarizes what to be achieved by the study. It should clearly define the question for which a solution is being sought. A proposal may be rejected due to following potential error in objectives: The objectives may be too broad or general or vague. No link may be evident between objectives and topic of study. Long list of objectives (like 10 to 15) may be developed which can not be achieved in limited time of a semester. More than one objective (two or three) may [...]

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