ECOI619 Internship Report Economics Writing Guidelines

Dear Students, We hope that you would have completed writing the Internship Program section of your ECOI619 Internship Report economics. ECOI Internship report economics enhances academic and career goals, provides practical exposure and experiences outside the classroom settings.

Learning Experiences

Following guidelines will help you in writing this section of your internship report. You should NOT exceed the word limit of this section that is 200-300 words or maximum 2 pages.

Knowledge gained

You are required to describe BRIEFLY the knowledge that you acquired and gained during your internship. You must relate this practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge that you learned in specific courses especially in the courses of your area of specialization at Virtual University of Pakistan.

For example, if you have worked in the accounts department and performed a task of preparing the “Bank Reconciliation Statement” then you must comment on whether there were differences (if any) in preparing the bank reconciliation statement or was it in the same way as taught in the accounting courses.

Unnecessary details, information and images are NOT required in this section

Skills learned

You are required to provide brief details of skills you learned and acquired during your studies at Virtual University of Pakistan along with its application – for example reading financial reports and internal statements generated by the specific department, working in groups, ability to work under stress, listening to customers, response to emergent or immediate needs, interpersonal skills, and etcetera – learned and experienced during your internship that will be helpful in your career.

Attitudes observed/values gained

You are required to explain the attitudes or values such as dependability, hard work, integrity and etcetera that you found and observed in different department or organization.

Further explain the importance of such attitudes or values in your successful career.

Most challenging task performed

You are required to explain the best and the most challenging task that you have performed during your internship. Such task should NOT be listed in the form of bullets rather it should be explained briefly. It should comprise of how that task was difficult or challenging in detail. You should not provide the procedure of performing such task. In case of more than one challenging tasks performed by you during your internship you are required to discuss each task separately in the form of paragraph.



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