Dare to Ask Mian Aamir about FIN619 Project Proposal

Dear sir,I have selected three companies for fin619 project proposal, their history copy in their websites. Please tell that any problem or not.

Dear Student,
No, there will be no issue but make sure it should be precisely stated i.e. not exceeding one paragraph for each company. Further, it should not include mission, vision, objectives, etc. of the company. You have to write brief introduction of the company from your point of view and not from the point of view of company. For example, writing “our company produces textile products” is not appropriate. It should be written as “Company is a textile manufacturing unit.
I have read my rejected FIN619 project proposal thoroughly. While studding my marked proposal, I have found that the title of my projected is being highlighted and marked with read colour. However, I didn’t found any other marking/highlighting in my proposal. So, it can be assumed that, only the title must require changing or improving according to guideline (Lesson 5 List of Topics)?
Dear student, Detailed guidelines have been given to you in your evaluated proposal. So, now you are required to follow those guidelines and completely re-write your proposal according to those guidelines.
There is no instructor guide line in assignment 1 about my needed to improve result of proposal please guide what are the weaknesses in my proposal submitted so i will correct it .
All the detailed guidelines and mistakes are provided in your evaluated FIN619 proposal. You are required to provide the modified or evaluated material provided in the sections and heads of the proposal in your revised proposal. Please read the material provided in each head and section of the proposal CAREFULLY.
Sir my proposal  is accepted and instruction shows that start working on your final Project but revised assignment No.1 again appeared in my VUMLS assignment tab and its last date is 23-05-14
what to do now??

Dear student, Congratulations on successfully passing the FIN619 proposal stage of this course. Further, it has been clearly mentioned in the announcement of this course that ONLY those students whose proposals are Rejected or Needs Improvement are required to prepare and submit Assignment No.2 (Revised Submission of Proposal for Project). The students whose proposals have been Accepted are allowed to start working on their final project as per instructions and guidelines mentioned in their evaluated proposal.

Asalam O Alikum Sir, i have prepared my Proposal, before submitting i want that you check my Proposal , If my proposal have any deficiency please inform guide me.

Dear student,Don’t worry you will be given a fair chance to improve your  deficiencies.

What is significance of final project

In this section, you will state the significance or importance of this Project for the stakeholders like investors, creditors, debtors, and the management. You will state here why you want to carry out this type of Project.

Salam Dear Sir,I want to work on textile industry and I am taking following listed companies from that industry.

1- Gul Ahmad
2- Bhanero Textile Mills limited
3- Din Textiles
Can I start working on these mentioned companies please?

Dear Hammad Yes, you may select these companies for your proposal and final project but first you must have to select one topic from the list of topics file which is available in downloads section of this course.


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