BBA Internship Report Format of University of Punjab


One of the requirements to complete BBA Degree Programme at this Institute is to complete 6 to 8 weeks of Internship Programme at a reputable Organization. This brief orientation prepares our students to better understand the practicality of various tools of Business Administration. The major objectives of the Internship Programme are as follow:


  1. To acquaint the students with the real management process.
  1. To introduce our students with the various career opportunities available in the market. A student can prove his value and worth by his hard work and friendly manners. This brief introduction can certainly be a door opener for possible employment opportunities.
  2. To see the relevance and applicability of various tools and theories of business administration learned .during BBA programme.



At the end of 6 to 8 weeks training programme, the students are required to submit a comprehensive Internship Report. The Internship Report must comprise of the following contents. Kindly note, that these instructions are the general guidelines and these may vary from organization to organization.



1.         Introduction of the organization.

2.         History and present status of the organization in business network. Added comparison of the unit with other units of the same industrials sector and reflect on development pattern (success/failures).

3.         Objective/mission-also vision.




Company management system


1.         Organizational Chart of the governing body

2.         Policy formulation process-meetings, how frequent.

3.         Employees/personnel in various sections


                               ·                    Designations and number

                               ·                    Job assignments/description, qualification and matching benefits.

                               ·                     Career ladder.

                               ·                    Job assessment methods, accountability incentives etc.

                               ·                     Comments on job satisfaction of each section’s employees.

4.      Major managerial policies, practices/styles.




                                               ·          By section Management/Administrative styles.

                                               ·          Impact of different styles on the morale and efficiently of workers.

PART FOUR                                                                                                               ‘


1.         Brief discussion of production facilities. •

2.        Critique on various production methods/schedule etc. Discuss any bottlenecks in

           the production operation, and suggest solutions.

3.        In case of industry, give utilization capacity — full-under, reasons.




1        Product/Service Mix

2        Analysis of Company Marketing/Sales procedures

3        Pricing Pc Js/Procedures/Strategies

4        Distribution Policies / Procedures / Strategies

5        Promotional Policies / Procedures / Strategies

6        Dealings with Clients Support by instances.






1                        Analysis of Various Accounting Procedures in the Company

2                        Horizontal Analysis + Vertical Analysis of various Financial Statements.

3                        Complete ratio Analysis.






1          his part student will provide details of the work performed by him during internship. It should be arranged according to dates or departments which ever suits the writer.

2         Enrich by special notes and anecdotes.

3         Difficulties faced in getting data.




1. Be specific in suggesting solution of any problem.

2. Give realistic and quantitative recommendations.


Note: The above parts are the basic requirement of the report. The students would add more information etc. in their report depending upon the organization and the job they perform during the training e.g. survey report, questionnaires, etc.




The internship Reports will be reviewed by a panel of teachers. The student will be interviewed by panel in order to evaluate his comprehension about business in general and the organization in particular.

The grade will be awarded based on following criteria:

1         The contents of the report must be Original and comprehensive

2        The report must describe all the various functions of the organization

3        The report must be analytical rather than descriptive

4          The report must contain the pertinent financial analysis of organization.

It is the student’s responsibility to acquire financial data and other relevant information and do the necessary analysis. The report without financial analysis will be given a low grade.


5           The report must contain all the relevant information. Any irrelevant or frivolous material submitted in the report, just to make the report look more impressive, will cause a low grade for such report

6           The report must be nicely typed and will be packaged. Every student must submit two copies of the report by the last date announced for this purpose. The original report has to be submitted with the organization; therefore, it must will be presented.

7.          The report must not have any material (Part fir Whole) copied from other reports.

If a student uses the company’s brochures/company material for necessary information, then he must give the source in the FOOT NOTES. A student can write from such brochures in his own words.

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