STAT730 Advance Research Assignment 1 2016 solution

Preliminary injunction requirements

To attempt this MBA assignment you have to read the Research articles* on ‘Work Motivation’ or ‘Professional Development’ (only choose one) and then identify the variables (IVs) which can effect the selected variable (DV).

[box]Articles can be downloaded from Google Scholar or HEC Digital Library. See Student Services section of LMS for HEC Digital Library and see the Demo of “Research Articles in Google Scholar & Referencing with EndNote” which is given below.[/box]

MBA Assignment Question:

You are required to draw a conceptual diagram which shows the relationship between those variables (IV) and your selected variable (DV). Each relationship should be individually explained with evidence from literature review. Minimum 3 relationships are required.

  • Provide references in APA style at the end.
  • Sample solution format is given at the end of the document.

MBA Assignment Distribution of Marks

  • Conceptual Diagram of Relationships           12 Marks
  • Literature Review                                                 5 Marks
  • References (APA Style)                                        3 Marks

Demos to Prepare the MBA Assignment

The following demos will help you to learn about literature review, how to search articles in Google Scholar, and referencing with EndNote. Eventually, you will be able to conceptualize rationales from literature review.


STAT730 advance Research Method Assignment # 1 2016 Solution 

Click below file to view (Please leave comments after download, thanks)

STAT730 Assignment Solution


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