MGT703 Strategic Management Assignment 1 Solution 2016

Strategic Management (MGT 703) Spring 2016
Assignment No.1
Due Date: May 21, 2016
Total Marks: 10
Topic: Nokia Case Study

NOTE Assignments solution after due date will not be accepted

Objective Assignment: To initiate students’ analytical thinking about the emergent and strategically planned actions. Also it desired that students should understand strategic implementation in dynamic environment.

Learning Outcome: After attempting the assignment, students should be able to have a view about how brands analyze the external market environment and role of emergent and structured planning.

Note: Please thoroughly read the article titled “Nokia Case Study” (available in the download section of LMS) and answer the following questions. You can also download the case study from internet.

Question No. 1: Why did Nokia prefer emergent strategies over already present structured planning for recovering from crisis after the year of 2004? Elaborate your answer with logical points. (5 marks)

Question No. 2: It is said that the relationship between external business environment and individual firm is a dynamic relationship. How did Nokia gain competitive advantage by handling this factor of dynamic relationship? (5 marks).

MGT703 Assignment 1 Solution 

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