STA630 Research Method GDB 1 Solution for semester Fall 2013

STA630 Research Method Graded Discussion Board Solution Semester Fall 2013.

In a class of research methodology, Ali presented an idea of ‘kidpreneurs – Entrepreneurship for children’ for his research. To explain the idea, Ali gave argument that according to his viewpoint there is lack of research on this topic. In his opinion, the potential dimensions for this research may be; nature of activities, entrepreneurial characteristics among children and linkage of education with entrepreneurship etc. In response of the idea, professor asked Ali some questions; “how many articles have you read or have you completed initial literature review? How is it possible to finalize topic and initiate a research without conducting a literature review?”

The professor’s questions created confusion in the class and Ali replied, “Literature review and identification of research gap will be done once the topic of the research is finalized.


In your opinion, keeping goals of literature review in mind, build arguments in favor of statements given by either professor or Ali i.e. “research can be initiated with/without conducting literature review”.

Special Instructions

  • Give precise justification and reply should not exceed more than 150 words.
  • Build your own argument based on your learning of Research Methods and do not use any cheating link.

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