Project Proposal Consumer perception regarding in-store environment

MKT619 Project Proposal on Project Proposal Consumer perception regarding in-store environment

An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame.  The crucial a part of creating an advertising campaign is determining a champion theme because it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and alternative styles of promoting communications which will be used. The campaign theme is that the central message which will be communicated within the promotional activities. The campaign themes are typically developed with the intention of getting used for a considerable amount however several of them are short lived because of factors like being ineffective or market conditions and/or competition within the marketplace and promoting combine.

Table of Contents

Introduction.. 6

1.1 Introduction of the project 6

1.2 Background of the project 6

1.3 Company’s introduction. 7

1.4 List of competitors_ 9

1.5 Objectives of the project 9

1.6 Significance of the project 9

Advertising strategies of Zong. 10

2.1 Marketing mix of Zong. 10

2.2 Market segmentation strategies of Zong. 13

2.3 Target marketing strategies of Zong. 13

2.5     Message strategy of Zong. 14

2.6 Message execution of Zong in pre-paid connection. 14

2.7 Major media types used by the company. 14

2.8  Media Timing used by Zong. 15

2.9  Specific media vehicles (such as TV. Radio etc) used by the company. 15

Competitor Analysis. 15

3.1 Introduction of Warid. 15

List of competitors_ 16

3.1 Marketing mix of Warid. 16

3.2 Market segmentation strategies of  Warid. 18

3.3 Target marketing strategies of Warid. 18

3.6     Message strategy of Warid. 19

3.7 Message execution of Warid. 19

3.8 Major media types used by the company. 19

3.9 Media Timing used by Zong. 20

3.10 Specific media vehicles (such as TV. Radio etc) used by the company. 20

4.1 Data Collection Sources. 21

4.2 Data collection Tools. 22

4.3. Subjects/Participants. 22

4.4 Target Population. 22

4.5. Sample size. 23

4.6  Sampling technique. 23

4.7 Fieldwork/Data Collection: 23

Data processing and Data analysis. 24

Conclusion, recommendations and limitations: 44

Conclusion, 44

Recommendation_ 45

6.3 Limitations. 46

It is clear that advertising promotes any product or service or event to its target audience. A target audience is main portion of the general public that products, company services or events were created for to fill a desire a need in the marketplace. Advertisement are usually could found magazines, newspapers or on television, ratio and billboards even now on the internet.  We can that advertisement do, t jus not a selling the products or something. They could also persuade the public to change their behaviors, attitude, and manners.  So a successful advertisement will have something about it that attract the attention of the public. A very successful ways to catch attention include a jingle, a logo or slogan.

The primary aim of this research is to study and examine the mentioned companies advertising strategy. Various studies have already been conducted over this topic that how effective strategy play dramatically role to the increase the profit by increasing the customers. Most of the people say advertising is better tool for promoting products and services by delivering message by adopting different media to their audience.

In 2002, Richards and Curran looked at just about every effort to define advertising is a paid mediated form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to persuade the receiver to take some action, now or in the future. One author write it is non-personal communication of information usually paid for & usually persuasive in nature, about products or ideas by identified sponsor through various media (arens, Wei gold, Arens2010)

Which connections do you using

Option Description Frequency Percentage
a   Zong in Prepaid



b Warid Pre-paid








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