Project on impact of Organizational Culture on Performances 2016

Organizational Culture

There are different types of organizations which exist to serve different purposes and to satisfy the variety needs of stakeholders of the organization. The type of organization is dependent on its ownership, shapes and sizes. For example, firm of accountants, schools, retail shops, local authorities, airports, vehicle manufacturers, hospitals, hotels and many others. These organizations are categorized into two, that is, public and private organizations.

Organizational Culture and Performances

Whatever type or category an organization is found, it exist to perform certain functions to achieve set objectives and to provide the desired satisfaction of its owners and customers. The set objectives are enabled and require the collective efforts of people to achieve the objectives that cannot be achieved by individuals on their own. Through collective efforts and actions, members and employees of an organization can provide a concerted and synergistic effect. If you are looking MGT619 Final Project then click at the below Link

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With the above views and statements of management theorists, one could easily conclude that organizational culture has a relationship with job performance of organization and in turn have positive impact on the overall performance of an organization. Researchers who have studied the impact of organizational culture on employees also indicate that it provides and encourages a form of stability.

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