MKT619 final Project-Marketing format (new)

Letter of Undertaking

You are required to fill in the Letter of Undertaking provided in the ‘Download’ section of the course VULMS and attach here the scanned copy after signing it.


Here you will write a brief paragraph to acknowledge the help and support you received through out your project. You can acknowledge the library staff, lecturer, family or any other person who helped you in your project completion.


An abstract is one among the several important parts of a report. It is like a micro image of the research report because it deals with all the sections of it. It may range from one to two pages providing brief overview of the subject matter, methods of analysis, findings and recommendations. It comprises several paragraphs which are numbered and deal with the following sections:

  1. Paragraph one (1) should deal with back ground of the study. Paragraph two (2) should deal with the purpose and methodology of the research/study.
  2. Paragraph 3, 4 should deal with the findings of the study.
  3.  Last paragraphs should deal with recommendations of study and action plan if any.


In this part, a brief and comprehensive introduction of the topic under study is given. It includes:

  1.  Introductory paragraph
  2. Description of the project title i.e. what this project is all about? Rationale – Why this research is needed? 

1.1  Background of the project: 

Describe briefly the background i.e. the impact and implication of the topic on the environment (the specific set up in which you are studying the issue). It should be well elaborated. It is advised to include current facts and figures in background. You can also explain it in context with the work already done on the topic. It should provide all the necessary initial information so that the reader can better understand the situation under study.

1.2  Introduction of the organization(s) 

Provide brief introduction of the organization(s) selected for the project. Give reasons why you have selected these organization(s) for your project.

1.2  Objectives:

State the objectives/goals of your project, keeping in mind the following points: 

  1. These should state the purpose of the MKT619 project
  2.  These must be achievable within specified time frame and parameters These should clearly indicate and encompass the issues under study.
  3.  The specified objectives should be clearly phrased in operational terms specifying
  4.  Exactly what you are going to do, where and for what purpose

Note: At the end of the study, objectives must be assessed to see if they have been achieved or not.

1.4 Significance

It lays down the importance or potential benefits of your project. Describe the importance of the project to various stake holders. It specifies how your study has improved, modified or broadened presented facts in the field under study. Make a note that such improvements/ modifications may have significant implications also.

When you are taking into account the importance of your study, pose yourself the following questions.


  1. What will be the outcomes of this research study?
  2.  Will the results of this research contribute to the solution or development of anything related to it?
  3.  How will results of the study be implemented and what innovations will come out? 


  1. Literature review is the systematic account of what has already been researched and published on the topic at hand. It basically assesses the existing level of knowledge at the subject matter.
  2. Literature review is based on the funnel technique that narrow down the topic from a general perspective to the specific one.
  3. It sets the stage for the study and provides rationale for proving or refuting the arguments our results generate.


For detailed guidelines about the literature review do visit the following link:


This section should provide solid or concrete foundations to the study. Quality and value of the research report depends upon how precisely and accurately the data is collected, processed, analyzed and interpreted so that fruitful conclusions may be drawn out of it. It includes

Data Collection Sources: (Describe all the primary and secondary sources used
for data collection)
Data Collection Tools/Instruments:
Which tools are used for data collection (i.e. Questionnaire, Structured Interviews,
Observations, etc.)?
Why a particular tool is selected?
Will you use multiple tools for data collection? If yes, provide justification.
What is the target population?
What is the sample size?
What type of sampling technique is used?   And Why?
Data Processing, Analysis Techniques and Interpretation:
Mention the methods used to extract and process the information gathered
Codification of the data
Software used to process the data (Excel, SPSS, Stata etc.)
Statistical technique (percentage, mean, median, or any other)


Provide the complete analysis along with its interpretation. Provide the graphs and tables and provide detailed interpretation logically. Keep the sequence of the analysis as of the objectives in section 1.3

Note: You are also required to attach the raw data files in appendices supporting your data analysis along with the project

3.1) Summary

Summarize the findings/results of your data analysis and state how the outcomes of your research relate to the project objectives. It may range from 2-4 pages. Do not include examples/ illustrations or your own opinion in this part of the report.

Note: “Abstract” provides an overview of the complete r eport whereas ‘Summary’ provides a brief account of the findings/results and objectives of the report.


4.1) Conclusion

Precisely state the final outcomes of the work. It is the ultimate result of the inquiry conducted under the given context and circumstances. Conclusion/findings should be in short yet comprehensive sentences/paragraphs. Each sentence/paragraph describing new idea should be bulleted.

4.2) Recommendations

This section deals with your proposed solutions or plans to cover and remove all the flaws and deficiencies that you think (in light of data processing and analysis) needs to be removed or improved. Recommendations should be clear, specific and based on your findings. They must be logical and applicable.

4.3) Limitations

Limitations of a project refer to limiting conditions or restrictive factors that may have an effect on the project. Project should be critically analyzed after its completion. A precise list of all the limitations of the study is to be illustrated under this heading. You may consider following points while writing limitations of the study.

  1. Access to the concerned participants/respondents Access to the required information
  2.  Timescale
  3. Reluctance or hesitation of participants to participate in the study Budget constraint
  4.  Scope of study
  5.  Any other limitation 


The discussion of limitations should avoid overemphasizing the weaknesses. Its aim should be to provide realistic basis for assessing the results.

MKT619 Final Project Proposal 

MKT619 Final Project Marketing 


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