MKT619-Final Project on Comparison of brand loyalty

MKT619-Final on Project-Marketing-on Brand Loyalty

Get MKT619-Final Project Comparison of brand loyalty on demand. Introduction to Project is under below

Executive Summary

The reason behind for conducting this study is to analyze Brand Loyalty of KFC and AFC in Islamabad Origin. Both are the market Leaders. You will see in the next pages, the study will find out the factors those make both companies strengthen and strong position in the market, hence this study is going to conduct over both companies. As we know that KFC Pakistan has an destructive plan to expand their business in all other cities Pakistan. According to various study, there are many key success factors due to which KFC is successful in the market. People mostly prefer international restaurants it has good quality foods, friendly environment and reasonable charges.  AFC is also trying to provide good quality of product to their consumers. AFC has the same environment like KFC; KFC has variety of meals as compared to KFC.

Brand loyalty and Brand Recognition

It provides large range of burger, fries and ice cream too. But according to our study analysis AFC has limited variety of burgers and friends as compare to KFC. We have find that customers prefer brands name when choosing any restaurant therefore KFC is also enjoying its high market share due to brand name in Pakistan. So the main reason of holding survey market to analyze the comparison of brand loyalty of KFC AND AFC.  In research the customers perception has been observed, what they think and how they think about particular brand. Survey has been conducted in Islamabad. We have taken 120 respondents as sample; all respondents were surveyed by questionnaires. Data has been proceed on excel sheet, for analysis frequency table and graph has been also been made for data presentation. After the finding, we have wrote some recommendation and suggestion while keeping in mind the result of this study

Chapter # 1:

 1.1 Introduction to Project

 Because of a massive change in the environment of the international markets and high competition among various firms Brand loyalty has become very important. When a brand is more famous and strong, brand loyalty is strong and there are more profits of a firm. Managers of different firms have given a very close look on brand loyalty. A good decision towards brand loyalty leads to a clear differentiation between products and also guarantees the consumer loyalty towards the product that results larger share of market. Management of the brand should not be taken as the main target of the firm but it should also be seen as the way of competition i.e. the value of the brand increases when it comes in competition with other brands in the market. He also focuses on the measurement of brand loyalty because he is of the view that brand loyalty is one of the important things these days and it has a certain level of advantage for firms.

According to Oliver (1999) brand loyalty plays a vital role in sustaining and enhancing the purchasing of the same product time and again, thereby customers comes again to buy the same products due to the their brand loyalty though, other brands also try to make the customers to switch from their brand with different marketing strategies and push the customers to change their brand loyalty.

Strong brands are built by creating an attachment with customers and provide the services. These days branding plays a vital role in the lifeline of a restaurant and it has a positive effect on its workers to develop the brand loyalty for their customers.

1.2 Back Ground of the Project

Fast food restaurants which were also known as quick service restaurants are basically in which the food is served very quickly. The term “fast food” was established in a dictionary by Merriam-Wobster in 1951. Park (2004) who said that fast food restaurants are opening in huge numbers and it is very common deed these days; because it is not like home made food because it can be prepared quite easily. According to Hanson (2002) the increasingly fast pace of life has attracted people to find a place where they can have meals in short lunch hours. Another author stated that fast food enables people to eat and do other things at the same time.

“In 2006, the International fast food market grew by 4.8% and reached a value of 102.4 billion and a volume of 80.3 billion transactions. There are a lot of other fast food restaurants located all over the world. Burger King has more than 11,100 restaurants in more than 65 countries. KFC is located in 25 countries. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with approximately 39,129 restaurants in 90 countries as of May 2009. Pizza Hut is located in 97 countries, with 100 locations inChina.”

Brand loyalty as I stated earlier enormously help the restaurants to become a successful venture. Instead of creating other benefits only they try to trust and loyalty of the customers.

In Lahore the Fast food trend is not that much old. There are many international and national chains which are working inPakistan. Some of the major chains include KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Hardees, AFC, JFC, Kings and Queensand many others.


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