IT430 E-Commerce Assignment No.03 Solution 2012

IT430 E-Commerce Assignment No.03 Solution 2012

Question No.1 (Marks = 10)
Suppose a company ABC offers consulting services for web hosting (Web Hosting Provider). They have been
assigned a client who wants to start online business. Client plans to implement 3- tier architecture. Resources are limited currently for initial setup. Database solution for this setup can be “MS SQL “OR ‘My SQL”. Client requires maximum safety and cannot compromise on security. They want an operating system which is more reliable.
(a) Which operating system you think will suitable for web server? (Macintosh, Unix, Linux, Windows.)
Justify your single option with solid reasons.
Consultants dropped two options in first look:
(i) Unix (ii) Macintosh.
Give reason(s) for both that why these two options are not preferable.
Question No.2
An E-commerce website is using standard web hosting services means paid web hosting. (You pay for a specific amount for server space, and they provide you with high-speed servers and softwares). But in addition to general standard paid hosting, a layer is missing which has to be implemented along with to make transactions secure and reliable. This may add some additional charges but it is necessary for security.
Name and explain layer/dimension missing in standard web hosting.
Question No.3
After applying Transposition encryption technique on a string/sentence, results in:
You have to find original string.
Step 1 : Draw table of 4 columns for transposition
Step 2 : Write Original string
Assignment solution should be in your own wordings and not copied from internet, handouts or books.
o Your answer should be “to the point”.
NOTE: Submit “.doc” file only. Every student should provide his/her own work, exact copying of the assignment (or some portion of the assignment) from the internet or other students will lead to copy case and zero marks will be awarded. Different softwares will be used to check plagiarism in assignments. Do not post any assignmentrelated query on MDB, if you have any query regarding assignment then email at

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