Internship Report on NBP(National bank of Pakistan)2015

Internship Report on NBP(National bank of Pakistan)2013 (Finance)


What is Financial statement of NBP

The financial statement provides the basic knowledge for financial performance analysis. The financial statements provide a summarized view of the financial position & operations of a firm. Financial analysis (also often called financial statement analysis or accounting analysis) refers to an assessment of the viability, stability & profitability of a business. The analyst first identifies the knowledge relevant to the decision under consideration from the total knowledge contained in the financial statements. Therefore, much can be learnt about a firm from a cautious examination of its financial statements as invaluable documents & performance reports.

The analysis of financial statements is an important aid to financial analysis. They provide knowledge on how the firm has performed historically in the past and what is its current financial position. Financial analysis is the method of identifying the financial strengths and weakness of the firm from the available accounting information and financial statements. The analysis is completed by establishing relationship between the different items of financial statements.

The focus of financial analysis is on key figures in the financial statements & the significant relationship that exists between them. The analysis of financial statements is a process of evaluating relationship between part parts of financial statements to receive a better understanding of the frim performance.

Need for the Study

The Financial Statements are mirror which reflects the financial position and strengths or weakness of the concern. The Non- Banking Financial Company has been witnessed intense competition from domestic banks and international banks. Every business needs to view the financial performance analysis.


This study aims at analyzing the general financial performance of the company by using various financial tools like Comparative Analysis, common size statement analysis, Ratio Analysis, and Money Flow Analysis.


Scope of the Study

The scope of the study involves the various factors that affect the financial efficiency of the company. To increase the profit and sales growth of the company. This study finds out the operational efficiency of the organization and allocation of resources to improve the efficiency of the organization.

The data of the past three years are taken into account for the study. The performance is compared within those periods. This study finds out the areas where Sundaram Finance Ltd can improve to increase the efficiency of its assets and funds employed.


Research Methodology

Research can be defined as Scientific & Systemic Search for relevant information on a specific topic.  Therefore, research could be understood as an organized activity with specific objectives on a controversy or issues supported by compilation of related knowledge & facts, involving application of relevant tools of analysis & deriving logically on originality.

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  1. I request you to send me new firures updated internship report 2013 September on National Bank of Pakistan.Some reports on net are available by the heading of 2013,2012 but data anaylises have 2008 to 2010.these are not correct provision of data.I hope u send it well.

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