Bank Alfalah Ratio Analysis(Most recent years)

Bank Alfalah Ratio Analysis For FINI619 Students 

The ratio analysis of Bank Alfalah (most recent three years 2009.2010,2011 for FINI619 students of Virtual university of Pakistan is available.

Financial Ratio Analysis of Bank Alfalah for the year 2009,2010,2011

The following ratios are required to be calculated:

1. Net Profit Margin
2. Operating Cash Flow Ratio
3. Gross Spread Ratio
4. Non-Interest Income to Total Income Ratio
5. Spread Ratio
6. Advances / Deposits Ratio
7. Return on Total Equity (ROE)
8. Debt Ratio
9. Debt / Equity Ratio
10. Price/Earnings Ratio

You can get all above mentioned ratios with following manners

1. A excel sheet holding complete working including formulas

2.Bar Graph.

3. Result of ratio has been displayed in tabulation form.

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