How to form internship report / Explanation

How to form internship report / Explanation of Virtual University of Pakistan

Title Cover

Bind your report with hard cover, book binding having printed or pasted title page.

Title Page

  • The title page of the report will include
  • The names of the business organization
  • Logo of the business organization
  • The name of the Internee & Session
  • The date of the final report
  • Name of the university
  • Logo of the University

Internship Letter

Attach the photocopy of your internship letter. Bring your original internship letter in viva voce.


In this section give an introduction of your internship report. Discuss and define the purpose of doing your internship. State the benefits of internship.


If you wish, you may include a page with a brief note of dedication of help received from particular persons i.e. your parents, family members, friends, teachers


Indicate the names of your supervisor and teachers from your University and organization under the supervision of which you prepare your report and get acknowledgement (signatures) from them.

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary deals with every section of the report in a short form. It can be called as micro image of the report. An executive summary is overview of the complete report which helps the reader to get quick glance at the report before reading it in detail. Everything important that you have done, discovered and concluded should be mentioned, but briefly and concisely.

It includes the following:

  • A brief introduction of the branch where you did your internship
  • Starting and ending dates of your internship
  • Summarized your work in various departments. (Give detail description under the head work done by internee)

Table of Contents

List the important headings and sub headings in the report with page numbers.

Industry Introduction (Organization Business Sector introduction)

Describe the Overview of the complete sector in which the organization falls according to current scenario.

You are required to discuss the main business/ service sector in which the organization falls and NOT the description of the organization under consideration.

Overview of the organization

In this section give description of organization. Start from history.

                        1. Brief history

Mention the year of incorporation of organization, how and when its branches originate and expand its business and so on.

                        2. Nature of the organization

Before elaborating its nature, write its vision and mission statement. These statements ultimately describe the nature and work of organization.

  1. Vision Statement describes what the organization would like to become.
  2. Mission Statement describes the purpose of organization. What is organization’s reason for being in business?

                        3. Features

This section depends upon the internee’s perceptions that how he perceives the features & qualities of that organization. The features of every organization vary from one another. Firstly focus on the following basic features and then you may add any more,

  • Product lines
  • Business volume
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Moral Values of employees (integrity, excellence, respect, etc)
  • Innovation (focusing on new researched product)

4. Competitors

Just mention the names of competitors of organization

(Note: mention the strengths of competitors under the head of SWOT Analysis)

Organizational Structure

1. Organizational Hierarchy chart

Sketch the organizational structure hierarchy in such a way that it clearly mentions the directors, executives, managers & various departments working under their control.

2. Number of employees

Mention the names, addresses & contacts of employees.

3. Main offices

Mention the location, addresses & contacts of every main and sub-offices in different cities.

4. Introduction of all departments

Give brief and comprehensive working of all departments.

5. Comments on the organizational structure

Give comments about the centralization & decentralization of the organization. Do you agree with its structure & management system?

Work done by internee

  • Detail description of the operations/activities of the department you worked in.
  • Detail description of the tasks assigned to you.

Financial Analysis

  1. 1.      Take financial data regarding income statement & balance sheet for the last 5 five years and then do horizontal & vertical analysis.
  2. 2.      Significance of ratio analysis
  3. 3.      Do ratio analysis for last 5 years financial data comprising the ratios measuring the profitability, liquidity and solvency. Here is the list of some ratios (for example:)
  • Current ratio
  • Cash ratio
  • Time interest earned ratio
  • Debt ratio
  • Working capital
  • Return on equity
  • Return on assets
  • Earning per share
  • Return on deposits
  • Net profit margin
  1. 4.      Interpretation of the ratio’s calculated by comparing the consecutive five years

 SWOT Analysis

Clearly describe all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Remember that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization and represent its culture while opportunities and threats correspond to the environment outside the organization. Strengths are those qualities which distinguish or give an edge to the organization over other organizations. Opportunities also include the weakness of organization’s competitors & threats include the strength of competitor.


In this section you are required to describe the organization according to your evaluation/assessment in the light of critical and SWOT analysis.


In this section you are required to suggest a solution for all the problems or discrepancies that are found in the organization that you have pointed out in critical and SWOT analysis.



Mention the difficulties (time, cost, sources, etc) that are faced by in preparing this report.

Bibliography (reference & sources used)

In this section provide all the references and sources that you have used for data collection for your internship Report.


At the end of your report, attach all of the supportive material you have used for the preparation of your report, like any brochures, forms, drafts, newsletters, interviews, questionnaires etc.


Describe the basic TERMS that you experienced during yours internship program.


Important Note:

  • Complete all the required parts of your report.
  • The student should prepare the internship report according to his/her area of study in academic program. The internship report should be 1.5 lines spacing typed on A4 size 75 gram paper with bold headings and sub headings, with margins set at top, bottom and right 1 inch whereas left margin should be 1.5 inch. Minimum words required for internship report are 10,000 words. Font size 12 Times New Roman. Chapter heading font size —22-26, Topic heading font—-18, Sub heading font—14, Time New Roman -Program specialization, current mailing address and student ID should be clearly mentioned in the report.
  • Students can submit their internship report only once that will be considered as final and marked accordingly.

Rules for writing the internship report:

  • You do not have to provide a day-to-day diary of the internship activities.
  • Do not write theoretical excerpts from textbooks! Describe what you exactly did there and what experiences you have gained throughout your training.
  • The internship report should be original, no photocopies are accepted.
  • Plagiarism and cut copy paste is not allowed.
  • You can include graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations in your report; however they should not cover more than 1/3 of the page. Larger graphs, pictures, data, drawings, or design calculations should be given as an Appendix.

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