FINI619 Internship Report Finance Course Calendar 2014

Dear Students, Accept our heartiest welcome to the FINI619 Internship Report Finance Semester SPRING 2014 at Virtual University of Pakistan. It is, sincerely, hoped that you would enjoy your academic tenure at VU during this semester especially getting enrolled under this course.

The main objectives of this course are to provide an opportunity and enable the students to:

  1. Get practical exposure of the real business environment.
  2. Learn by observing and practicing how different activities are carried out in the organization in actual.
  3. Critically analyze and compare the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects.
  4. Enhance their professional and interpersonal skills.

We expect and want you to be more dynamic, participative and committed. The more responsible, vigilant and active role you will play in this course the closer you will be in successfully passing this course.

This is to inform you that Course Calendar (provided below) for FINI619 Internship Report Finance SPRING 2014 semester is available in the Course Overview section of this course on VU-LMS. This calendar provides significant information regarding the submission of various documents so that you may plan your activities accordingly.  You have to follow this calendar for the submission of all the activities of this course.

Schedule for SPRING 2014

Course Schedule


Last date for submission of Job Leaving Certificate (JLC) (only for those students who were on job in previous semesters and had submitted their Job Confirmation Letter (JCL))

9th May, 2014

Last date for issuance of Internship Reference Letter (IRL)

16th May, 2014

Last date for submission of Original Internship Completion Certificate (ICC) & Evaluation Form (EF)

18th July, 2014

Last date for submission of Internship Report (IR)

18th July, 2014

Presentation & Viva Voce (P&VV)

After passing the written work (Internship Report), students will be called for presentation & viva voce via email (that will be sent at their VU e-mail account.

This is to inform you that the additional facility for communication through Skype for SPRING 2014 semester will now be active. This free of cost medium of communication will facilitate you to contact your internship supervisor for discussing your problems and queries related to this course in less time.

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