FINI619 Assignment 4 Fall 2012

FINI619 Assignment 3 Fall 2012

Declaration of Result of Assignment # 2 and Submission of Assignment # 04 for Improved Internship Report.

Dear Students,

The result of the Assignment # 02: Revised Internship Report has been declared. The evaluated internship reports have also been uploaded on the course VULMS. Results of evaluated internship reports have been declared as Pass or Needs Improvement.

FINI619 Assignment 4 PASS improved Internship Report

The students whose results of Written Work i.e. (internship report) have been declared as Pass should carefully read and follow the comments given in their evaluated internship reports. They should start preparing for presentation & viva voce. Also follow the presentation template to design the presentation power point slides. Assignment # 05 (Presentation Slides) will be opened on the course VULMS soon. Presentation Slides are required to be prepared in the light of guidelines provided in Lesson # 07 on VULMS of the course. It is COMPULSORY only for the eligible students (who have passed the Written Work as a whole in Assignment # 02). All such students will be intimated about their presentation date & venue individually at their respective VU e-mail IDs. Therefore, they are advised to check their VU e-mail accounts regularly.

FINI619 Assignment 4 Needs Improvement:

The students whose written work in Assignment # 02 i.e. (revised internship report) has been declared as needs improvements are givenFINAL CHANCE to improve their work by following the comments given by the Supervisor. Assignment# 04 for Improved Internship Report has been opened on the course VULMS.

The students who have been declared “Pass” in the Written Work i.e. “Pass” in assignment # 01 and assignment # 02 in Fall 2012 Semester areNOT allowed to attempt assignment # 04. They have already passed the Written Work thus are required to prepare themselves for presentation & viva voce.


  1. The students whose results have been declared as Needs Improvement in the Internship Report (Assignment # 2) are NOT required to submit their Presentation Slides against Assignment # 05 that will be opened soon. They will be required to submit PPTs when they will pass the written work in Assignment # 04. Separate assignment for PPTs will be opened for them after the declaration of Assignment # 04 result.
  2. 24 hours extra / grace period after the due date will be available for submission on VULMS. The purpose of providing grace period is to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by the students on due date.  This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Copied/plagiarized work will be completely REJECTED. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Any evidence of plagiarism (if found at any instance) shall be strictly dealt as per “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” of the University. (Read the Plagiarism Sensitization Document available in the DOWNLOADS section of the course VULMS).

STRICTLY follow the comments given in your evaluated internship report about how to improve the weak areas. In case of any confusion, feel free to ask via email at

Note Related to Load Shedding: Please be Proactive

As you know that nowadays load shedding problem is prevailing in our country. Therefore, you all are advised to prepare and submit your internship report as early as possible without waiting for the due date. Improved Internship Report submitted after the due date via email will NOT be accepted so be proactive in submitting your internship report within the due date.

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