FIN619 Project on Ratio Analysis banking 2017


Financial Ratios are effectual performance indicators for comparing different parameters related to any business to estimate its performance. The use of financial ratios is a time-tested method of analyzing a business. Wall Street investment firms, bank loan officers and knowledgeable business owners all use financial ratio analysis to learn more about a company’s current financial health as well as its potential.

The study has been conducted on financial ratio analysis of three banks; National Bank, Bank Al-Habib and Soneri Bank. The data required for carrying out study was mainly gathered from Banks website. Published financial statements of recent years i.e. 2009, 2010 and 2011 have been used for financial ratio analysis. The study will help in understanding the financial ratio analysis in better way and to use the result to determine the current financial health of all three banks and their future outlook

Financial Ratios analysis are effectual performance indicators once results for the present amount are compared to the past performance over many periods. as an example, by inquiring the inventory turnover over over one yr, you’ll be able to compare the speed at that inventory turns over to the year before. you’ll be able to conjointly establish whether or not or not sales of inventories are still growing and at what rate. this can be observed as horizontal or analysis, as knowledge is compared for multiple serial periods to work out if the business’s performance is following a certain course. A dramatic upward or downward trend will indicate areas requiring attention, allowing you to forecast future results. Following and reacting to those trends is your initial line of strategic defense.

The use of monetary ratios may be a tried methodology of analyzing a business. Wall Street investment corporations, loan officers and knowledgeable business homeowners all use monetary quantitative relation analysis to be told a lot of a couple of company’s current monetary health yet as its potential. For more detail you can read FIN619 final project and its value.

FIN619 Final Project Finance and its Value

Hence this analysis goes to analyze the monetary performance of 3 banks by doing monetary quantitative relation analysis. knowledge would be collect from the web site by victimization banks record, financial gain statements, and income statements of the banks.

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