Brand Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction of Honda

Brand Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction

Brand loyalty and customers satisfaction is defined as the degree in which a customer’s hold a positive perception. Views and attitude towards a brand has commitment to it and intends to continue purchasing it in the future. As such brand loyalty is directly influence by the customer’s satisfaction with the brand.  We can say tat brand loyalty represent a favorable attitude toward and consistent purchase of a single brand over time.

Importance of brand loyalty of Honda

Brand loyalty is commonly supported perception. shoppers are going to be systematically purchase identical product as a result of he or she perceives it as being the superior product among the alternatives obtainable. you ought to note that whole loyalty sometimes relates to a product not an organization. for instance whereas you may be loyal to your Honda town once it involves motorcycles you may believe that a Harley leaves a Honda bike within the mud.

Brand loyalty and Customers satisfaction questionnaires

Data has been gathered from each corporations shoppers through questionnaires that were relate to whole loyalty and it had been additional live by victimization share analysis. The study has noted some fractures associated with each company. an oversize variety of respondents from Honda town say that there ar loyal with their merchandise as they’re perpetually have smart expertise with the employment of designated merchandise. Most of Honda town shoppers say that they’re loyal with their product as their designated product perpetually serves the aim that they used.

Brand Loyalty Questionnaires


Chapter 1: Introduction 6
1.1 Introduction 6
1.2 Background 6
1.3 Company’s introduction 7
Introduction to Toyota Corolla XLI 7
1.4 List of competitors 8
1.5 Research Objectives 8
1.6 Project Significance 8
Chapter 2: 8
Brand loyalty of Toyota 8
2.1 Marketing mix of Toyota Corolla 9
2.2 Market segmentation strategies Toyota 10
2.3 Target marketing strategies Toyota 10
2.4 Brand Selection Parameter 11
2.6 Brand Performance 11
2.7 Evaluation Brands Positioning 11
2.7 Brands Positioning 12
2.7 Unique value space 12
2.7. Resolve around the Benefits 12
2.8 Order Processing 12
2.9 Product delivering and service 13
2.10 After sales service 13
2.11 Managing customer’s acquisition 13
Chapter 3: Competitor Analysis (Honda) 13
3.1 Introduction of Honda City 13
3.2 Marketing mix of Honda 14
3.3 Market Segment Strategy 16
3.4 Target Marketing 16
3.5 Brand Selection Parameter 17
3.7 Brand Performance 17
3.8 Evaluation Brands Positioning 18
3.9 Brands Positioning 18
3.10 Unique value space 18
3.11 Resolve around the Benefits 18
3.12 Order Processing 19
3.13 Product delivering and service 19
3.14 After sales service 19
3.11 Managing customer’s acquisition 19
4.1 Data Collection Sources: 20
4.2 Data Collection Tools: 20
4.3 Subjects/Participants 20
4.4 Sample size: 20
4.5 Fieldwork/data collection 21
4.6 Data Processing and Analysis 21
CHAPTER # 5 22
Conclusion, Recommendations and limitations. 40
Conclusion 40
Limitation 42

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