FIN619 Assignment No 6 Revised Submission of Final Project

FIN619 Assignment No 6 Open now (Revised Final Project)

Result Declaration of Assignment No. 5 (Submission of Final Project) & Opening of Assignment No. 6 (Revised Submission of Final Project)


Dear Students

The result of the Assignment No.5 (Submission of Final Project) has been announced. The evaluated projects have also been uploaded in the course on VULMS. Result of evaluated projects has been declared as Pass or Needs Improvement.


Type One: PASS:


The students whose results of Written Work as a whole i.e. (Proposal & Final Project) have been declared as Pass should carefully read and follow the comments and instructions given in their evaluated project and start preparing for presentation & viva voce. They are required to read the guidelines for presentation & viva voce (Lesson no.7) uploaded on VULMS in the course. Also follow the presentation template (available in Downloadslink) to design the presentation power point slides. Assignment No.7 (Submission of PPTs) will be opened soon.

Note for “Pass” students:

Students who have been declared as Pass in Assignment No.5 are required to ignore Assignment No. 6 (Revised Submission of Final Project).

Type Two: Needs Improvement:

The students who have valid proposal but their status is “Needs Improvement” in the Final Project (Assignment No.5) are given a CHANCE to improve their work by following the comments and instructions given by the Instructor in their evaluated projects. They are also required to resubmit their improved project before or within Due Date: 1st February, 2013. Assignment for Revised Project (Assignment No.6) has been opened in the course on VULMS. Make sure submissions through E-mail will NOT be entertained. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to confirm immediately after uploading your final project against Assignment No.6 that it is uploaded and opening properly as corrupt files shall NOT be considered.

You are strictly advised to consult these courses for your financial analysis and project writing:


  1.  FIN621-Financial statement analysis
  2.  FIN622-Corporate Finance
  3.  FIN630-Investment analysis & Portfolio Management
  4. STA630-Research Methods

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